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Swordman tank build help

hello,I am beginner

I have build swordman tank with Peltasta and Rodelero. I think is enough for tank and I need more dps for this build. Are there any other class recommend for my build?

Thank you for ask my question.

You can try Luchador/Hoplite/Murmillo
Right Now Hoplite is a great way to deal damage.
Murmillo is also ok dealing damage.

Luchador has the problem that you need to unlock him sooo probably not a immediate option.

Other points to keep in mind:

  • Use Balinta Set effect;
  • Fixed ichor is Vakarine set;
  • get lots of block on your set;
  • Use Leather set because you will tank enough with your shield and skills
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Overload set
Vaivora Espada Escudo/Arena

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My suggestion:
Build: Nak Muay - Murmillo - Hoplite
Set: Vakarine
Effect: Balinta
Weapons: Slot 1 - Spear + Shield / Slot 2 - Rapier + Shield (YES, RAPIER. Helps balancing the difference between min and max dmg, raises the minimum without raising the maximum, remeber consistency)

Currently my build, nak is a monster in dmg consistency - Damage builds up quickly and most of the skills stays in the same number, low CDs make up for good fills and quick rotations

Murmillo shield atk attribute + hop’s synchro thrusting also deal a lot of dmg

The “tank” part is entirely handled by the block chance using a shield and the vakarine set, keep in mind that every successful block is equal to -60% of final dmg recieved. Murmillo’s helmet also helps in keeping you alive, since it absorbs deadly physical dmg (pay attention to your magic defense)

(week 105 - Diena - Insect/no armor - critical specialty)

A strange build, but it’s very safe and confortable to play with, the downsides are that you’ll have to invest enhancing in both weapons and shields, since the shield plays a huge part in the damage dealing

PvE tanks are pretty much useless in this game, the way to go for PvE and have a little tank experience is to invest in a swordie DPS that uses shield, so you compensate for the lack of defense and makes up for the damage. Unless you’re going full PvP, tanks are not good.

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Thank you for the advice.