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Swell Brain: Arts Physical Question

Hi. Planning to get the arts for thauma. I heard it’s 5 attribute levels.
Does that mean I have to make 5x Mystic Tomes?

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yep, you need 5x art books for max lvl it. so… basically 5x5 blessed gem and 2x5 mystic tome for up to 50 str dex? (same as int spr one)

Oh wow. That sure is… expensive! Kill me now… :frowning:

50x5 str dex.

[Swell Brain] no longer increases Looting Chance, but increases the STR and DEX of you and your party members by 10 per attribute level >> 50 str dex at max


if i have lv 100 swell brain enhance, does it mean the art gives me 100 str + dex?

Nope, its 10 per art level. You can buy the art 5x