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SW alternative DPS

Is there any option to a DPS Swordsman that is not Doppelsoeldner or Matador? Maybe a spear user. If there is, could you guys send me a build?

PvE? PvP? Do you have a specific flavor of character that you are after? Lancer/Cata/Pelt is OK for PvP, for example.

Your not going to get better PvE builds without Dopple/Barb or Matador/Fencer builds. I main a dopple.

Dopple/Barb/Peltasta (for low gear, can grind Baubas, Outer15CM5 and Irredian Boss)

I try Hacka-Barb-Cata and ended like it alot, maybe its not going to be the top DPS but its not bad, the skills are fun, a bunch of AoE skills, stun, knockdown, high mobility, the down side is you need a spear 1h/2H an sword and shield.

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I have a Dragoon-Hoplite-Barbarian and I use a two-handed spear, I can tell you that it is very fun for PVE, Barbarian gives you a lot of damage with your buffs.

Another build that I use is Hakka-Peltasta-Barbarian, has very good defense and damage reduction by going part of the Peltasta, and likewise, amplifiers of damage on the part of the Barbarian and good mobility for being a mounted class.

Those builds could recommend you to part of the doppel and the fencer which I also have and very fun too.


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So guys… thank you all, but the char I would use for that build was an old archer I had. But the time has passed and his class can’t be changed :frowning:

i’m currently a 1 hand spear user for Bossing/PvE
or if you want to farm fast, try Pelt-Barb-High if you don’t want to use doppel.

will probably try Hop-Barb-NakMuay when nakmuay buff patch arrives.

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u can try cpt. america build =) somethng like rode-murm-pelt =))
the only wep u need is ur shield …

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