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Sv is stabilized

all ppl i know

the sudden cant use skill and freeze. some ppl dc and cant login

i change my char and move ch
and now i stuck…

what on earth happening?

Ch1 all towns is unstabilized and Freeze while repairing

now every town and map is bug

I am having the same problem, has your be resolved yet ?I cant enter with different character but not certain ones.

several people are getting the same problems too. servers are incredibly spastic right now and IMC is still asleep.

Yeah I submitted a ticket, but not sure if that’s of any use hopefully they fix it soon .

Same here. It’s been like 2 hours, and I can’t even enter. Let’s go play another game folks.

to defeat commando

Logout from Character Select
Connect to other server
Disconnect from the server
Connect back to main server
Select other character to login
Logout to Character Select
Disconnect from server
Connect back to main server
Select Commando’d Character
Select other channel
viola uninstall

seem like fixed. everything fine

IMC didn’t do anything last tuesday maintenance … they just turned off the server and then on again after 5 hours probably … kek lazy guys XDDD they’d probably do a ninja patch somewhere today or tomorrow or nothing and let tuesday come again for the BIG BIG BIG Patch …

Couldn’t play much this weekend. Every map was laggy, getting errors 8 up the wazoo with constant desynch like if I was playing a couple years ago.

I hope this won’t involve more lottery and expirable items + AFK events because I’m really fed up with this.