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Support tickets - This is not the ticket you are looking for

I don’t know if an automated system is in place, or if there are actually staff responding but I do believe you might want to make sure that people are actually reading what the tickets say.

I reported an error with recharging my TP a few days ago—it finally applied after about 30/45 minutes. It had never happened to me so I submitted a ticket about it and received a response telling me you guys don’t do refunds when a player buys a TP for the wrong country. Bit of a swing and miss there.

That had nothing to do with my ticket. This is a really common problem, and in line with many of the issues that users complain about. While I understand that there’s a lot that’s being worked on, this kind of stuff is pretty disheartening and frustrating for a customer no matter the industry it’s in. This is considered basic customer service–to actually answer questions about your product or respond to issues with service.

C’mon y’all. Most of the forum staff members have been a lot of fun, looking @ you staff_john and staff_max. This kind of repeated problem with the ticket system needs to be addressed though.

We need a stormtrooper reeducation system for the delinquent droids err troopers.

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