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Support/Craft Wizard

I’ve been doing some theorizing and such. I’m not one for content, but more so making sure people are stocked, and if I am in the fight, I’m normally making the job easier for the people in the party. I had a few things to consider… Although, the one I’ve been looking at is the one as followed.

Wizard>Alchemist>Sage (Not in this order and the last class is up for grabs.)

Some questions that come to mind, do Alchemists make money off the shops they set up and such? Also, maybe a suggestion for the last class, which I was thinking Necromancer for pets to help me get through stuff I may need to fight

Alchemist Chrono X
You can pick dps/aoe class to fill X role to help u do something in CM and such… You can also do
Alchemist Pyro RC so you can craft Enchant Fire and Flame Ground scroll.

Best support wizard in my opinion is alchem-chrono-psycho (or cryo). Basically this build heals and does crowd control while reducing cooldown for teammates.

You can also put more emphasis on crowd control by going psycho-cryo-alchem.

as support wizard i’m trying this build as in sage-cryo-chrono ( think yeah alchemist could work but i really dont like alch so…