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Summoning Classes' Commands Revamp

First of all it was actually a nice thing to have the new Commands, Force Attack, Cancel Force Attack and Remove Summons. But sadly these Commands should be revamped in my opinion because it has a lot of faults.

First of all the Force Attack Command. It’s actually good in theory but they way it’s implemented is actually quite a failure, but don’t get me wrong it’s actually very useful. But instead of it being a cast command, I believe it should be a toggled command because of a few reasons.

  1. Summon AI will be alerted to that Command but will still continue to do their regular routine which now is basically hit every living thing in the game. So instead of following the command they will continue to find other targets than your desired target except if the target is alone of course.

  2. Keeping the Summons fixated on a single target is much more desirable in later times in the game when monsters have higher HP where it would take tons of hits from the Summons to eventually kill the monster. But due to the AI of the Summons this makes this Force Attack Command useless or rather completely stupid as you would literally mash the hotkey just keep the Summons attacking a single target.

  3. Making it toggled as well I believe might be good for the ones that’s going to work on this since they won’t have to change the Summon AI but just rather make a Override Command that will make the Summons completely fixated on what the Player is currently targeting.

Next is Cancel Force Attack. Of course at the present time this skill is actually completely useless because this is the only thing Summons actually do and they most likely would never react to the skill unless of course like I said before, the Force Attack Command is Toggled.

As for Remove Summons. I honestly think this should just be removed because as a Summoner there isn’t really a reason to remove your Summons at any given time in my opinion unless of course casting the same Summoning ability does not replace the previous Summon.