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Summoner gear advice for returning Savior

Hi there!

I’m a returning Sorc/Necro/FF and completely out of the loop. Up-to-date youtube guides on Summoners are pretty much non-existent, so I hope someone with experience can help me out with some advice for gearing up here. I’ve already read through the summoner megathread a couple of times, and @crevox advice is a huge help but it’s still hard to determine for me what info is outdated and what is still relevant advice to follow.

EP12 Weapon boxes:
I know I’d eventually need rod & shield with the sorcerer vaivora for snapshotting and the staff for damage, but… what set should I pick to start and what to work towards? I have no clue how powerful the sorcerer vaivora is, compared to the 2H staff’s higher raw damage. Also, there’s probably a better 2H Staff with more damage out there to work towards anyway, right?
What vaivora(s) should I pick for trinket + 2H staff / shield?

What armor for an allround char? Is Leather enough for survivability? (I don’t have other chars for CM/Raid etc, and I don’t intend to level any specialists for those types of gameplay) What set stats from the current event should I apply?

Is a full SPR still viable for the current content or should I reset?

Cards (still a work in progress):
Blue: 2x Nuaele, 1x Armaos
Red: None atm. But I’m looking for an allround card, before I build sets with +dmg against creature type for the weekly boss raids. Do Summons proc card on hit effects for the bleed or poison card combos now? Is the poison combo with bone pointing Arts a good idea? Or simply go with May cards?
Purple: 1x Gazing Golem + ???
Green: 3x Rozalija
Legend: None. Go for Marnox, or is something special for Summoner like Froster Lord more worth it?

Is going for Moringponia Isgarinti still worth it after the changes?

Currently: SPR

All these added gearing options in TOS have become an absolute jungle, so I appreciate every one of you taking the time to read through my entire post and trying to help me out :slight_smile:

Rod + Dagger has more MATK than staff now, so you don’t need to use a staff.

You should use a Wicked Desire rod and a Coordination dagger.

Leather is for all DPS.

Full SPR is ideal.

They benefit from the red cards but can’t proc the bleeds/etc from purple cards. Creature cards are generally the best, or Grinender.

Froster Lord.

3 Gazing Golems is ideal, May Cards or other useful purples are fine too.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time, crevox. That’s helping me out a lot :slight_smile: