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Summoner Become Useless?

are summoners going to become useless after this next patch ? theres alot of negative talks going on right now :frowning:

i guess nobody knows welp sorry to bother u folks

It’s not that they’re going to be bad, it’s just going to need more finger, as many of the mechanics that were previously bugs/exploits have been fixed.

In TOS every patch one class is buffed and another nerfed, if you like summoners continue, the biggest issue is that most Tree of Savior players prefer broken classes.

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Still more useful than most DPS classes, maybe just not the toptier.

ok cool i just like the idea of being a summoner in most games tbh nothing beats walking around with an army of the undead it feels good lol and yea ill prob never be strong im broke xd but i can atleast afford the summons at the verry least.

Hello there, guys. I would like to know if there is a planner for summoner build? I would like to make one.

theyre good. you just need a lot of money and giltine card. They arn’t god tier but still top tier

Yes There Is someone in my contacts so if u r still interested I will let u know please share me your email id