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Summoner AI is terrible

As a new player and finding Necro and Sorc the only 2 classes I like, and seeing all the summoner complaints going as far back as 2017 and beyond. And obviously they still aren’t fixed, kinda disheartening.

I really feel like any post about it, after 3 years probably isn’t going to get fixed but damn. 3 years? 3 years and skeletons/devil summon just bug out and stop attacking if you move a few tiles?

The ToS summoner - stand still, stand perfectly still or your summons won’t help you. But standing still in a MMO will get you killed.


The AI shouldn’t have any problems… I’m not sure what you’re referencing.

The only thing I can think of is the fact that summons stop attacking enemies if you, the caster, don’t hit an enemy for at least 1 minute. This is intentional anti-botting behavior and should never be a problem in actual gameplay.

Beyond that, summons can’t attack while moving. That’s just how it is. Most player classes also cannot use offensive skills while moving.

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The only moment when my summons stop attacking is when I go too far from the monster that’s being attacked but there is still room for me to run around, at the moment I use the “zombie conga” for invulnerability if I feel overwhelmed

Some f my skeletons sometimes dont attack the boss that I fight. Is there like a limit of how many summon can attack one target?

No, there’s no limit. They should always be attacking without issue. If they’re attacking other targets and you want them to attack a specific one, we have the skill “Force Attack” to control this.

The only complaint I have vs summon AI is that when I’m doing CM in Outer Wall 14 at the usual spot (entrance to Outer Wall 15) and I spam skills at the mobs facing the narrow hallway, my summon (Froster Lord) keeps using his skills on the wall behind me because there’s usually one mob generated next to my character instead of using his big AoE like me facing all the other mobs.

Summoners got a lot of love the last major patch. So I’m taking back everything I said. xD

Have a good fellow summoners.