Tree of Savior

Summon Familiar INT or SPR?



I’m building a full SPR and just hit Sorcerer.

Not sure if Familiars are a INT cast, in which case I’ll just max Salamion, or as minions scale with SPR.

Thank you.


int now then spr later.


Didn’t understand that.

I’m already full SPR.

Does the skill summon familiar scale damage with SPR?


familiar is spr now

back then it was int but it’s now scaled with spr


Thank you.


Familiar is the bats right? Then don’t bother, I’m not even sure the skill works. Each time I summon bats with my sorc, they just fly around for a minute doing nothing then disappear. At least the Salamion attacks stuff…


Bats work fine.

Yes, they scale with SPR now.