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Summer = still no patch?

Admin are you mad? Where are new content and skills bug fixes? Why even someone need to buy TP in beta version game?

Grateful that they improved the client, even if it was only minor optimization (At least for me), but we can’t go much longer like this with nothing but those minor maintenance patches. The least we could get is skill bug fixes; especially since some of these fixes already exist on the kToS version for over 3 weeks. I might just not be able to remember it atm, but there’s not really anything significant they can patch to our version other than PvP stuff.

It’d make sense to not give us the PvP/GvG Arena until they stabilize the servers properly since that takes priority right now, but people can only wait so long.

U mad breh?

New contents are not coming anytime soon

they can atleast add in team battle arena, what is this? they launch an UNFINISHED game to public? i now have 2 characters in the 130-170 zone, and it sucks. i log on, do 1 dungeon 2 missions (bcuz the dungeons take FOREVER and give me about 15% exp), and i dont feel like doing it again bcuz i always get more than 1 preist on my team (which i dont need bcuz im a support/dps cleric that would help clear dung faster ) and a bunch of barbarians. i want to do arena for exp cards, this is boring Q_Q

They can’t even properly implement their cash shop, and you want new content already? Come on, that’s not realistic.

It’s the players fault that they wanted IMC to rush release the game. IMC originally planned for 3 months of early access (so in theory they wanted it to go f2p in about one month) but because of much hatred and flames… uhm I mean of course love and reason from the community IMC let the players decide.
That was the result:

Btw if you get stuck you did sth wrong, might want to look up some lvling guides like

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