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Summer goddess' blessed cube -> government vs pirates

:hi: :hi: :haha:

I want to propose to make a summer goddess’ blessed cube about government vs pirates, soldiers vs pirates (like 3 costumes about each band).

Thats all :rofl:

It could have a parrot flying around the character as special effect or an stance stepping on a treasure when the character is standing.

Another colored parrot could be added as flying companion or doll.

The book could be a treasure map with the lines heading to the cross/treasure, or two ships fighting on the sea.

Weapon appereances could be about cannons, pistols, cutlass, arquebuses, a rudder as shield, daggers, sabers…

Helmets could be about pirate helmets, tricorns, hair bands…

The toy could be a spyglass.

A pirate eye patch could be added too with the symbol of a skull with helmet and two swords on the back. A hoop earring or a beard could be added too.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

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Hello @rgdlfgame,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will forward this to our development team for further review and see what changes can be done in the future.

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so you want …

i like it xd

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like this ?

:hi: :hi: :haha:

I was thinking in something more like this:


That kind of costumes.


im currently working on something regarding costumes…hope to be able to finish it soon.