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Summer Festa - Savinose Weapon Selection Box 6500 Coin

Hi guys, :smiley:

Want to ask,

For this [Event] Savinose Weapon Selection Box, is there any potential for this equipment?

Can we do any enchancement or increase the socket?

Was scared about, once I spent the 6500 Vasalos Coins for this, but can’t do any enhancement.

Anyone already exchange this event box, please tell me :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

it comes as +11 trans 8, cannot be further enhance, can open sockets, can transcend further

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yes, that’s why it worth for 6500 coins.

are we able to open sockets without the potential?

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thx bro , you solved my question!!

anyone know if all the savinose items from event can apply set effects and ichor? thank you

Yes, you can apply ichors and set effect.

Source: I already did it on mine.

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