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[Suggestion] Utility for forgotten items

With the new content points shop and utilities there was also an exchange of items (Glacia heart, Blessed Shard / Gem, Moth Talc powder) for points.

Currently there are content in the game that offer items that over time have become useless (Planium, Skiaclipse Feather, Moth Powder), such items could be added to the point purchase system with a lower value than the current ones. So such content, even if outdated, would have some use for older players and new players looking for something to do.


Great idea, I would love to give an honorable end to these items.

its great idea! very pyka
are items that really accumulate in the inventory and are no longer serving me for anything else >…>
@STAFF_William @Staff_Brand @GM_Francis

take advantage of the good idea and implement it imc.

Yes please! Would be nice to have a new use for otherwise outdated items like Planium, Skia feathers, moth powder, ET boss essences, ET fragments, Velco fragments, etc.

But…it’s IMC so “No”.


YEEEEEEEEEES please, i have a LOT of skia feathers that could be transformed into content points :tired: