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Suggestion to Prevent Blocked Player in your Party

Currently, block list just prevent communications between players.

Since so many complains about having AFK in their auto matches(specially dungeons), and seems the report button is just a design and not working at all(or just no staff reviewing the reports), I suggest to make the blocklist prevent you from queueing or partying with players on your block list.

I think this will solve the increase of AFK players shamelessly spamming queues. Reporting them doesn’t work at all and you will probably see them again your next run, or tomorrow, or until the time you don’t wanna play auto queues since you’re tired of doing all the work while others just sitting there waiting for you to finish.


  • You get in a separate queue from your block list in any types of auto matching
  • Blocking a player in the middle of the run will be effective after the run - run will still continue but communication will be blocked right away.
  • Getting blocked by at least 3 players in the party in the middle of the run will trigger a 15sec voting system that ask all the other members if they want to kick the player out of the run. Not voting will count as “Yes”, blocked user cannot vote.
  • Joining pre-made parties will give a warning that someone in that party is in your block list and ask you if you still want to join.
  • Pre-made party that you are in will prevent all blocked user to join the party. Unless directly invited by you or other players in the party.

there are instances that 2 or 3 members are afk… just blocked them, leave the party and re-queue. Don’t be a martyr and carry the run even if you can carry. No one will thank you and you are just spoiling those animals. Specially to those dungeons that needs man power like cube-matching, scroll destroyin and torch defense. Possible to do with few people, but not feasible and faster if you just re-queue and get in a 5 man active party.

This is a win win suggestion - you wont get AFK player in your party, staff won’t need to review reports(as if they are reviewing it anyways)

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yeah yeah
nice suggestion
especially when they cant even fix this automatch

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relax when the automatch problems get fixed u will not have any afk on ur partys. Is mostly cuz people try to queue and it takes 20 minutes to 1 hour to revive the queue sometimes.

afk in automatch is an issue even in ktos and they still working on it
the reason this issue isnt that noticeable here is because the automatch is broken which makes these nasty afkers sick
if the automatch is fixed, contrary to what you said, the afk-er will be more noticeable

well this is already a known complaint, a few weeks ago the same thing was asked in the korean forum and let’s face it this type of player was expected because of the DGs infested with afks ok you get less silver if you don’t have damage but even so it is advantageous for those who have 20+ alts.

PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS!!! (or at least the separate queue part)
Tired of carrying those animals. 95% of my run on my 9 chars, i always got an AFK member. And its the same fcking names.
Imagine running dungeon for 9 chars a day, 3x per char, and you’ll gonna see this lazy mthrfckerz just chilling.

They’re playing the game by not playing the game. WTF is that logic? Might want to play farmville instead if you want to “play” by idling and waiting.

Let them fix automatch first.

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