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Suggestion : Pardoner rework


Pardoner : this class realy cool but still only buff market

[Buff] - [Magic] - [Holy]
Applies the Indulgentia buff to nearby allies. While the buff is active, targets recover HP in regular intervals.
The amount of HP recovered increases by 10% when the Guardian Saint buff is active.

​Heal Factor: 183%
Heals 18 allies

At lvl 15 this % less then Paladin Restoration and with 30sec CD. Pala have blue icon that means tanky or Def play Char but still get more % on heal

Discerning Evil
Level 15/15
​[Buff] - [Magic] - [Holy]
Extends the duration of harmful effects applied to enemies. Once the duration has been increased, the debuff doesn’t increase again.
Enemies affected by Discerning Evil who enter an area of Holy-property attack transfer their debuff to other nearby enemies.

​Skill Factor: 100%
Extends the remaining duration of debuffs by 100%

15 seconds

Yeah this skill amazing

Increase Magic Defense
40808 · Pardoner_IncreaseMagicDEF

Level 10/10
​[Buff] - [Magic] - [Holy]
Temporarily increases the magic defense of you and your party members. The increase applies in proportion to the caster’s SPR.

​Magic Defense: +18.09%
Duration: 300 seconds
Consumes Holy Water x1

1 minute 27 seconds

So play Pardoner with this 3 skills with bad % at heal and 30sec CD? This class people use only for selling buffs and some times create skill scoll ( paladin’s skills because it’s better. Nice job!)

Logic we will give PD - Haste ( Modafinil)
We will give - Oracle - ( foretell, Devine might)
But we will kill this class in real online gameplay only for shops


​[Buff] - [Magic] Open an Offering Box to receive donations from allies. Can only be opened near Goddess Statues in fields (not in cities).

​Maximum Donations: 500 No cooldown

Oh great skill… Who use it? Who learn it? For what just stay for fun or what?


[Strike] - [Physical]
Attack an enemy with money collected as offerings.

​Skill Factor: 742%
Consumes 300 Silver

20 seconds
3 overheat

OK u wanna give 1 DPS skill OK still no one use it…

And Simony
Now u can craft Cure, Aukuras, Zalciai, Restoration, Barrier what for?)
In this game content we don’t need it for sure maybe Restoration and Barrier for cm thats all but craft this skill cost about 12,5k per Restoration 1m duration and 3,5k for Barrier OK I am done

3/5 skills ussles and other skill’s not so good 2 pick this class for play


So… where are the suggestions? :thinking:

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