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[Suggestion] Monk Changes


I liked the change to Hand Knife and thought it could be taken a step further, taking some inspiration from Ragnarok Online Monk. It should be changed to a 3 skill combo going One Inch Punch -> Palm Strike -> Hand Knife. Completing the combo should grant an energy charge, a short duration buff that increases monk skill damage with a max charge count of 3-5. At max charges it would decrease the charge time of your next Energy Blast and consume the charges. These changes would also need some repositioning of the skills, I suggest Iron Skin swapped with One Inch Punch and changed to a 10 point skill. One Inch Punch should have a slightly higher skill factor, a short duration defense reduction debuff on the enemy, a reduced duration on the HP/SP drain, and would be a 15 point skill. Palm strike changed to a 1 point no cooldown skill and can only be used after One Inch Punch, skill factor readjusted to reflect the change.