SUGGESTION: Map Locations List


Just throwing this idea here.

So, I just thought that a good way to improve the world map is to present the locations in a “List” form specially when warping.

It lessens the hassle of finding (pinpointing) the locations manually in the map. And I really think, it will be helpful for the returning players who prolly forgotten most area locations.

I experienced it firsthand, the current map is kinda overwhelming when I returned after a long time of hiatus with the game.

Yes, we have the search function but there are times we tend to be dyslexic with the names of the places. Or even forget the names!

Will also be easier if the list has a sorting/searching option for alphabetical order or sorted by region, towns, dungeons, by level, etc. (Somewhat like the market list)

This could be just an added feature of the map. At least a list of places on the left side of the screen or something similar that we can collapse or expand.

Would like to hear your thoughts about this idea guys. If you have other ideas in mind, would love to hear it :blush:

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or bad haha.


Divide the map by sections mentally and learn the areas that way you know what is where…

map will keep growing and a list would take you a huge amount of time to go through and find map you want…

it can take you longer than a quick scroll and check on map…


Too many useless maps
As i said before, there is no need to have 847318924 levels, we should stick to something like 100ish and focus on the quality of quests and maybe different quest paths depending on ur base class tree because, due to the LARGE ammount of classes to try and builds, u gotta think about how stupidly boring is to repeat the same quest again and again…


I’d love if they made CM possible in all maps, and by that I mean CMs scaling to your character lvl. I’d love to do CMs in the low lvl maps to farm for collections.

Now on topic, I wish the warp statue would show a list (just like the old Simplewarp addon) instead of the world map we have now. I don’t know if its just me, but opening the map causes some annoying fps drops.


by now it almost is, they dropped CM to lvl 100 maps, let the rookies enjoy the lower level maps before throwing them on CM

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