[Suggestion] Integrated City Tariff


Gonna try to make it as simple as I can:

  • Expand the 20% tariff limit to affect all the cities a single guild get, together
  • Guild will have to manage those 20% tariff between all the cities it conquer through GTW

Examples of how the tariffs could be set by a single guild:

  • 1 city: up until 20%

  • 2 cities: [20% / 0%] - [10% / 10%] - [15% / 5%] - [7% / 13%]

  • 3 cities: [20% / 0% / 0%] - [10% / 10% / 0%] - [5% / 7% / 8%]

I think this would still encourage guilds that have enough people and resources to fight for all territories to do so, but would reduce possible power creeps due to passive silver incoming. This would also give more freedom of choice for people that are outside from this particular content.


Taxation is theft and this is a stupid idea. Get rid of this. Instead of punishing other people for not doing anything (ie: not participating in GTW), it’s better to incentivize winning guilds in other ways, like no tax in market, or unlimited storage, or unlimited items for sell on the market, or all 3. But this is absolutely horrendous and I feel like quitting the game.


why you’r wailing? some of your even know how much silver get a guild for those 20% per city in a week?


87mil for 20% in Fedi for a week [worth noting that this was in Fediman and as such would be much lower than other gains]


a single player can do that amount in a week, even more one of those full pvp guild with over 80 players, so why matters for 1M per week each ?Âż


We need that Dark Knight and Death Knight return to the forum to put something of reason to these stupid ideas that only are going to do that the rich ones are richer and the much poorer poor (aka, the people with a lot of free time or/and real money). Fortunately, important nobody will read this message and will do to him a minimum of case (like all the rest). I am not member of any guild and I am not interested in guild system as it is now, I do not have why to pay to anybody any tax for using the shop of the city or another operation, it is more, the taxes system should be intern (the militants of the guild pay to its own guild like the valuation agreed by its leader and its bailiffs) and not exterior form.

Already sufficient I have with that to pay the virtual taxes that IMC forces me because yes, instead of fix the game, locating it, etc.


I do believe that the market tax might earn more than the general NPC tariff.

This is a suggestion to diversify taxation if a single guild end up getting more than 1 territory, so this way would be impossible to collect full taxes (from the ones that are flexible, not the market ones) from all cities they get.

It might not represent a huge difference in funds, but would reduce the passive incoming a little. If 3 different guilds get each one a spot and they choose to set tariffs to 20%, then we still have our base situation happening, but with one difference that is not concentrated to the same guild.


Market Tax was about 80% of the earnings, NPC tax outside of Klai doesn’t even matter compared to market tax.


isnt better just to make limits?
each guild can control only one territory and cannot atk others… they will just def their own territory


Solo PvE crabs have to suffer.


Just remove this tax system and give us real rewards.
Lets be real here, a lot of players don’t like the feeling of “paying more” to NPCs because of taxes and the winning guild isn’t profiting that much, to be honest when the silver is divided to all members if the guild has only 1 territory the silver incoming from taxes(including Market) will not even cover the cost of the war consumables/resources.


Well, this was my first thought, to find a better reward for those who participate this content and remove the tax system. But I chose to suggest a different way of dealing with the tariff reward.

I do believe that the tariff system doesn’t reward a lot of Silver when you consider splitting what was collected. The feeling that you pointed out, of others having to pay more (them being the guild members who lost or even people who doesn’t participate at all), is the aspect that I tried to tackle here.

Also, I wonder if these comparisons brought here, consisting on a single guild winning one territory only, reflect the same way when one guild can get more than one.

This would limit the capabilities of each guild, honestly. Also, if the guild is big enough to overthrown the others, they could have that territory multiple times over and over, due to the amount of players. Allowing them to split and run for more territories would create more competition in each territory.


I’ll give a example based on my experience.
Let’s say my guild conquer all 3 territory and this guild has 90 members but only 50 participate, this guild only split the silver to members who participate. After the end of the week the total from city taxes and Market taxes is 400M, if split to 50 members it will be 8M for each, then you have the cost of all consumables you spent resulting in a even lower reward.
In my opinion people superestimate the GTW rewards, trust me, it’s not a big deal, we can farm that easily doing other ingame contents, and if you compare GTW to Boruta rewards, well, 1 single Boruta is worth more than 20 GTW.
Personally I wouldn’t feel encouraged to play GTW for the rewards, I play because I like the content.
PS: They are implementing some sort of rewards in attribute points/xp bonus for participating guilds who didn’t suceed to claim a territory.


Participation Rewards added.
-Five different stages of reward based on how many guild members participated:
1 ~ 5 Players: Stage 1 Reward
6 ~ 10 Players: Stage 2 Reward
11 ~ 15 Players: Stage 3 Reward
16 ~ 20 Players: Stage 4 Reward
21+ Players: Stage 5 Reward

You can claim the rewards in the guild hideout.

Stage 1:
EXP Buff +10%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x2

Stage 2:
EXP Buff +15%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x3

Stage 3:
EXP Buff +20%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x4

Stage 4:
EXP Buff +25%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x5

Stage 5:
EXP Buff +30%, available 10 times
Attribute Point 500 x6

-You only receive the highest stage of reward you are eligible for.
-Rewards are per team.


I returned to ToS just to realize there was this stupid taxing system implemented… well time to uninstall again


Thanks for clarifying.

8M in a week for passive earning looks kind of a lot. OK, you had to got all three territories, but still looks a lot for a passive earning. You can do more farming, I know, but this is active farming.

Out of curiosity: how much is the average cost a guild spend in a single GTW?

Yes, Boruta is more concerning because there are rewards you can’t get anywhere else besides there.


passive ? is take more time than world boss and more sourcest to be set to the fights


Thats depend on the war, we are not having many enemies (becase the main enemy guild changed TAG so they are 14days cooldown to join GTW) so we are not spending much in war tools, I spent 5M Worth in war tools today but only used around 2M. Then we have the cost of Omamori charms, potions, elixirs and other consumable like skill scrolls, I can’t really measure how much the whole guild spend because I may spend more than average members, but for me the final prize after all expenses isn’t more than what I would farm in 30mins or so. The rewards are OK for guilds seizing 2 or more spots, but for big guilds seizing only 1 spot isn’t even enough to pay war expenses.


thats point… big guilds could just take over all places and defend it every time (greed, drama, monopolizing etc)
My idea was to prevent it so more guilds could join and challenge each others