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[Suggestion]Ichors for hats!

Here I go again with another suggestion thread hahaha, this time I’ll suggest a rework on the headgears enchanting system, but first a brief disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: this thread is open for all those who wants to add ideas, criticize, disagree or agree, as long as keep the respect, no need to flame, be polite and civilized, remember: this is NOT a poll, feel free to participate If you want to.

@Staff @GM_Francis

1- Create an item in teliavelis shop called “enchant extractor”, that allows players to extract enchants off a hat, turning it into a new item, an “enchant codex”, the required material for each attempt would be: enchant scroll x1, enchant extractor x1 (bought in teliavelis shop), the hat wouldn’t be destroyed if failed attempt tho, if success, a new item named"enchant codex" is created.

  • Enchant Codex: an enchant codex is nothing more than a random ichor for headgears, that can be used on a headgear of choice, the difference is that its a consumable item, once one extract an enchant off a hat and turn it into an enchant codex, it could be used to enchant another hat, but If the person wish to remove the enchant again, would be required to repeat the process in teliavelis using enchant extract system.

2- Fixed headgears enchanting: as the enchanting system is right now, could be compared to a random ichor, since the stats given are actually random, so my second suggestion is to also add a new layer of enchant for hats that would work exactly like the fixed ichors that we have right now, could be obtainable from raids, recipes, or even quests, in the form of hats with fixed stats, that the players have to bring to teliavelis and extract, those could be destroyed upon failure, but If success they become fixed hat enchants, named"Magic codex", this one can be equipped and unequipped just like fixed ichors, both “enchant codex” and “magic codex” can be traded in market, but not personal.

Ok, that’s my idea, thanks in advance!

  • Magic Codex: fixed stats AND special effects, like the hats of Ragnarok online, for example: old effect of cafrisun/manahas set (extra line of damage to basic attacks)

Im all for enchant stat transfering, since all my hats have mediocre stats, but i love their looks, but i feel like we have enough equipment to worry about as is (referring to the fixed ichor part) While hats could have relatively minor effects compared to the standard armor slots, i feel like it would add further burden to gearing up with how much stuff we have already.
Not to mention i am tired of ichoring RNG :tired:7


@Staff @GM_Francis

  • Cafrisun Horns recipe( hat 1): dropped from Cafrisun itself, material required to craft: Cafrisun armor x5, Cafrisun pants
    x5, Cafrisun gloves x5, Cafrisun shoes x5> +1 to all stats, add. Damage 600, add 1 extra line of damage to basic attacks. (Just an example)
  • Asio mask (hat1): Magic attack+130, cast reduction: -10%

  • Wastrel horrendous teeth (hat 3): Physical attack +130, bleeding damage +10%

Both could be obtainable from their unique raids, another example.

Just copy&paste the Awakening/Enchant Transfer System and make it work with Hats.

easy, simple, fast

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Hello Savior,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback and suggestions. Rest assured that it will receive proper attention, as we develop future contents and updates.

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will you mr gm dont toy with our feels

Not a bad idea. What I see with critical eyes is how the whole additional effects are handled.
Most equipment is only adding to the general and sub status, and there is little diversity in which status they actually provide, making older systems like headgear enchants becoming redundant with the emergence of new equipment that provides a very high boost to these stats (random stat ichors/item awakening/enchant rival a lot of these status values by being more accessible while providing better overall values, the only real value of head accessories are the movement speed,AoE attack ratio, HP and attack values).

It would be nice if they can work out a solution to make item awakening and head accessory enchanting viable by diversifying their yields so higher values for each are possible.

For example, the stats could be split this way:
Head accessory: HP,SP,HP recovery,SP recovery, Aoe defense ratio
Awakening weapon: attack, magic attack, critical rate, critical attack, magic critical attack
Awakening armor: additional damage resistance, physical defense, magic defense, block, evasion
Awakening accessory: accuracy, block penetration, movement speed, Aoe attack ratio, additional damage

The maximum values would be changed accordingly:
HP = 5000; SP = 1500; HP recovery = 300; SP recovery = 300; movement speed = 2;
attack/magic attack = 450; critical rate = 350; critical/magic critical attack = 1000;
additional damage = 400; AoE attack ratio = 3; accuracy = 300; block penetration = 300;
Aoe defense ratio = 4; additional damage resistance = 500; physical/magic defense = 500;
block = 450; evasion = 450;