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[Suggestion]Halloween Theme:Mummys and Zombies! :D

Hi o/
I want to suggest the dev team and staff to make the next halloween goddess cube theme based on ancient egyptian mummys and also classic zombies from horror movies, you could add hats like: Pharao Hat (classic one with golden/green stripes), Anubis ears (a great hat 2 idea imo), that ankh cross for a weapon design, and all the others accessories that mummy used to wear too, costumes could be something related to how pharaos and their priests use to wear back then, and also a full mummy costume like helmet+body costume, for zombie theme you could add effects that resemble blood leaking in the ground, wings could be a coffin in the back, and zombie eyes (like blank eyes) as a hat 3 option, well , lots of ideas but I’ll let you with this suggestion so you can work on it!!! :DDD

@Staff @GM_Francis

P.S.> Almost forgot, bring an IMP as a DOLL for halloween please? you know, a little red-ish flying devil? Enough with kawaii doll, bring us some TERROR! >:D

Hello manolopassini,

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm for the game by providing us your feedback and suggestions. We will forward your ideas to the proper department and rest assured that it will receive a proper attention.

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