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Suggestion: Consolidated Information

I would like to formally inquire as to why we have websites like and which both contain fragmented and wholly incomplete data about ToS. I agree that there should be some mystery to new players about certain bits of information, but for two years I’ve had to guess about MOST decisions I’ve had to make. Many of the decisions I’ve made were pieced together by taking some random information off of someone’s 1 year old post on the forums, trying to identify whether or not the information still holds true by talking to players ingame, then finally doing whatever it is in hopes that all the information I’ve gathered is correct.

Unless I am completely wrong and this already exists on some far corner of google, yahoo, ask jeeves…I would like to propose a new tab on the Tree of Savior main page that has all of the COMPLETE information for Items, Monsters, Bosses, Dungeons, Npcs, and anything else that we as players need for a game that’s as convoluted as this one.

Now before anyone gets up in arms about, “this game is about community and the community should help you with that”. Well, yes, I’ve used the addons that were, some would say, necessary to the core experience of the game. I’ve used and for the past, however long they’ve been live. The problem I have with them is that the information is lacking, poorly translated, or just simply, not there.

It would just be really nice to not have to see a bit of information on some website and have to confirm with 10 other people then use that information and have it not be exactly what you expected. I’d like to add that I very much appreciate what and does for us, but it is just not enough.

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I could understand if you were talking about tosbase, since it has been updated very rarely lately and previously it was more based on users feedback (which isn’t exactly the worst, but still it’s not that great either), but please do tell me how are the infos from “incomplete” or “poorly translated”?
They are datamined straight from our iTOS client (same for kTOS/kTEST), so if anything is reported wrong there, or mis-translated, it’s because we have it that way in our very own game client.

If you don’t believe me, take a minute to email the ones behind the site for more info about their work, I once asked if they needed help with something and they quickly replied back to me saying they’re datamining everything.
Also, while you’re at it, take a minute off your time to thank them for their work, because if we had to use the infos we find here on the forums, with all the trolls around and outdated stuff, we would be doomed already.


The last line in my original post expressed my gratitude toward both of those websites.

While i agree that the information on is much more accurate and even more abundant than tosbase, there are informations missing from specific things such as boss cards.

Unless i am missing it, there is no information about what type of attack it uses for when its summoned by a player. As as far as I’ve been able to find, you have to test the skills ingamr yourself to get that knowledge and even then you’re guessing at the specifics.

In the page you linked, click on the monster name Stats> Monster: Templeshooter.

It directs you to this page:

Expand the Skills tab.

EDIT: If you have other examples, please provide them, because if something isn’t there, we haven’t it in our game client yet.
Again, everything uploaded there is datamined, it can’t be mistranslated or outdated, it directly reflects our game client, bugs too, if something appears broken on the site, it is broken in our client and the other way around.
The only thing missing there was a planner for ranks/skill/stats, and they even added it too some months ago, I really don’t know what more you could ask out of a database website.

Thank you for that information, I did not know that existed. I may shoot the tos.neet people an email to make the navigation a bit more user friendly for less savvy people, as I apparently am.

I’ll direct any other inquiries to that email as well.