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[Suggestion] Cleric Vaivora Ideas

I’ve compiled ideas I’ve being making for each class Vaivora that doesn’t have one yet in the Clerics Tree.

Suggestion Cleric new Vaivoras


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Wrath from above

INT 221
Critical Rate 740
Zaibas level +3
Increase Eletric Property Magic 1488

Wrath from Above
Summon lighting bolts from above with 60% chance everytime time the caster deals a critical damage on the target with skill factor equal to 100% of Zaiba’s skill factor.

If the wielder of this weapon has Physical Stat: Krivis on, gain as much STR as this weapon’s INT.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Wild Pact

INT 221
Critical Rate 740
Lycanthropy level +1
Decrease Lycanthropy Cooldown by 30 seconds

Wild Pact
While transformed in Wolf, increase the skill factor of Wolf skills by 30%.
SP consumption decreased by 50%
AOE Attack Ratio increased by 10 while transformed.
Removes Lycanthropy transformation if the weapon is unequiped

I the Wielder of this weapon has PHysical Stat: Druid on, gain as much STR as this weapon’s INT.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Spiritual Enlightment

INT 221
Critical Rate 740
Increase Psychokinesis Property Magic 1488

Spiritual Enlightment
After casting Out of Body, transforms the real body into the astral form granting Out of Body Bonus and allowing to use your own body as source for the other Sadhu skills for 15 seconds.
Astral Body Explosion: Untouchable creates two explosion from the caster original point while on.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Skilled Craftsman

INT 221
SPR 221
Carve Owl level +3
Carve Owl Number of Defending +10

Skilled Craftsman
Allows the wielder to use [Carve Chief Owl].

Carve Chief Owl:
Carve Chief Owl deal damage around it equal to 200% Carve Owl Skill Factor.
Chief Owl has 120 Number of defending, twice the AOE Attack Ratio of Normal Owls and counts as a different installation.
There can be only 1 Chief Owl activated.
If thw Wielder unequipped the weapon, Chief Owl is removed.
Duration: 50 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Vaivora Mace - Call of the Deity

SPR 148
Foretell level +1

Call of the Deities
Unlocks the skill [Call the Deity]

[Call the Deity]:
Will bestown the user with Laimas vision temporally granting immunity to all damage and removable debuffs for 6 seconds.(Last 2 seconds on PVP)
Cooldown: 300 seconds


I’ll skip this one. The original plan was to make a basic attack based on Double Punch similar to SR’s Vaivora. Since Double Punch will become a channeling skill, I’ll wait to see what will it become and if there will be a monk Vaivora.


Vaivora Mace - Pardon

SPR 148
Spell Shop level +1

Chance the properties of Oblation and Dekatos.

Becomes a spell with Casting Time equal to 6 seconds - 1 second per skill level(Minimun Casting Time of 1 seconds) which heals all allies around the caster by 1000% Indulgentias Healing Factor.
Targets: 25
Increases Oblation cooldown by 50 seconds

Enemies hit by Dekatos receive [Sinful punishment] for 5 seconds which heals allies that attack the target by 5% of Dekato Skill Factor as Healing Factor for every attack.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Gift from Valentinas

Con 228
Attack againt Medium-type Target Offsetting 1488
Demolition level +2

Gift from Valentinas
Unlocks the skill [Fake Revelation]

[Fake Revelation]:
Wields the Revelation guarded by Valentinas to attack your enemies.
Channels its power to release a wave of Holy energy in front of you that deals 40% of Demolitions Skill Factor every 0,5 seconds for 3 seconds.
If Magical Stat: Paladin is on, this skill deals magical damage.
Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Channeling skill.


Vaivora Mace - Six-point Star

SPR 148
Tree of Sephiroth duration increased by 5 seconds
Nachash duration increased by 5 seconds

Six-point Star
Allies inside Tree of Sephiroth or Nachash will receive the [Six-point Star] buff which grants 10% Minimun Block Rate and allows to Block without a shield while inside the magic circes.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Cleasing all Evil

INT 228
Critial Rate 740
Gohei always remove the maximum number of buffs from enemies and debuffs from allies

Cleasing all Evil
Mental Breakdown Magic damage increase is increased to 20% for each removed buff.
Mental Recovery Decreases Physical and Magic damage received by 10% for each removed debuff.
Gohei affects the caster too when casted.


Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Zealous Cause

STR 228
Critical Rate 740
Fanaticism level +1
Empathic Trust Level +1

Zealous Cause
When the wielder receives a critical damage while under the effect of Fanaticism or loses health by Immolation, release a blast of holy-Property damage with skill factor equal to 200% of Emphatic Trust Skill factor.
1 second of Cooldown.



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