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[Suggestion] Alchemists combustion rework idea

Alchemists combustion rework idea


Attribute Unleash: toggleable max level 10
Unleash item full potential from registered item in the Alchemy Workshop in exchange of item destruction.
Every level will increase debuff duration by 1s

The idea is that we can change the effect of combustion based on item used, allowing alchemist to inflict 1 status effect of his/her choice by sacrificing an item. The item used will be from skill item for convenience and will give a similar debuff from the class.

Item list

  1. Cryorite 80g = frozen
    for extra CC

  2. Pyrite 80g = burn/oil
    I’ll be honest, i don’t know how useful Burn status actually are. when I play pyro it doesn’t looks very strong, I think fire resistance down is a lot more useful

  3. Time crystal fragment 100g = slow

  4. Time crystal 2000g = stop

  5. Corpse Part urn 500g = necro bane/ corruption

  6. Flask 120g = bleed
    broken glass can bleed people who touch it

  7. Empty spellbook 2000g = vampirism
    might be too expensive

  8. Rune stone 100g = knockdown/ knockback
    Rune caster has attribute for knockdown imune so i reversed that.

  9. Paper Doll 50g = stun
    White tiger roar can stun enemies

  10. Strange Yellow Paper 50g = lower elemental resistance (tri disaster charm)

  11. Calcite 3000g = lower enemy magic defense
    Description says
    ​A catalyst that promotes magical reactions. Frequently used by Alchemists.
    if anyone have a better idea please tell me

  12. Zombie capsule 300g = Blind
    Bokor use blind to increase damage, so I put blind here

  13. Portal stone 5000g = ?
    I think this is too expensive to be used and i don’t know what debuff will benefit sage other than slow

list after this, is item outside wizard tree, which lore wise may not fit

  1. Rete 200g = immobile/hold

  2. venom 750g = poison

  3. Hasisas potion 100g = heart arrest?

  4. Ninjutsu bomb 100g = stun?

  5. magic powder 100g = silence?

  6. enchant round 100g = ?

  7. med kit 300g = give stamina x attribute level?

  8. holy water 50g = lower holy resistance?

  9. holy powder 20g = lower holy resistance?

if anyone have better debuff idea please do tell me and I think debuff that directly affect enemies will be easier to implement in the program because the skill already affect enemies