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During the 3 instances of the Popo Point Shop, there is 1 thing that has caught my attention.

The Rules are: For every 30 minutes online, gains 10 points. But, lets talk about the closing dates.
The Popo Point Shop closes on the Schedule maintenance, wich occours, for the most part, during late times at time on Weekdays.

So I’ve noticed, that every time this event goes live, a lot of people “loses” Popo points, just because they didn’t stayed awake until the very last moment to spend all of them.

So here is my suggestions, On the closing date, deactivate the Popo Points gain, but leave the shop open for another week so everyone can redeem all their points, and after that, remove the shop as usual.


or you skip the last 100 points like me and just spend your points before the event ends so you don’t lose your points?


Lets say you have 5400 and need that last 100 points for the reward you want.

You know you can get the last 100 points because the event will last long enough. But you will not be able to get the reward because of timming.

If they just keep the shopping open but WITHOUT gaining more points everyone will have a better and easier time to retrieve the rewards they wante.

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