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Sugestion: Be able to attack mobs while read books in dungeons

Hey guys, im doing Sausis Room 9 upper maps now, and i noticed that theres tons and tons of books about the story of savior world, with a lot of lore. It makes sense since Goddess Vaivore, the Goddess of Knowledge itself its there.
Theres a huge problem. Im reading a book, and kill all the enemies, then 3 seconds later more freaking enemies! I cant read the book(some of then have 21 pages) without have to close the book to kill the monsters so i dont die while reading the books.

Would be perfect if i just could attack the monsters while i read the books. Or use some invisibility potion.
Anyone else has this problem?


We already have them.
They’re called SR, necro, zealot and diev.

i dont get it, can you explain further?

Don’t take it seriously.

probably he means classes that allows you to stand still and let minions(diev, necro) or classes that can clean mobs only by just moving(SR, zealot).
Cleaning the mobs is not really effective as it sounds

I don’t think dev will ever do this one. the best they would do probably reduce amount of mobs on that map. Though, it would be nice if they make it like some books that you can read on inventory

and speaking of which, with how ridiculously fast the levelling is, I bet 90% people who play the game won’t even actually bother to read it

*sigh I miss this skill. 5 mins afk

**sorry with so many edits. Bad grammars and point out skills above :haha:

Sorry to disappoint you. Theyre reading book on tos.neet

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Yeah i dont get it, in sausis room 10 and further theres a lot of abandoned books, with lots of lore from the story, why the hell Solcomm book story, thats probably one of the best story inside tree of savior, is only an abandoned book? it has tons of and tons of pages on it. and i cant read two pages without have to kill mobs.
Yeah i agree with you, most people dont care about the lore, but i do. And its like the developer dont care to even let the players know more about the world, puting books in a dungeon where you supose to grind, not read…
Yeah that skill would be nice to have in all classes.

What? the books of the dungeons are available on that site?

Oh good. at least there is a proper library when the location of the books itself are not so library like :haha:

Still though, no one would actually try to read it in game with all mobs flying around

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They actually could make reading book works the same way as interacting with quest NPC. Cause talking to NPC makes enemy stopped aggroing you. That’s better than able to attack while reading.


the books in the fantasy library are copies of books in the rest of the tos world, they’re all available outside it just in particular spots

yeah i know but since im there doing quests, i want to read it, i noticed some books that i already read like the lydia schafen story and how she defeated a demon sending him to the moon, and others, but most of then are new to me

i’m suprised reading the books doesn’t make the monsters not aggro since talking to npcs does that

just an exemple of how bad it its being attacked by monsters in the sausis room, fantasy library area

look of how many books are in this map

and this is a dungeon so the monsters will spawn like crazy. fix this please IMC games

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