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Sugest for Weapon Appearance


hi guys as we know tos will have many event and design for weapon appearance, let say I have +20 weapon and I love it, but appearance only can change 1 time, and event next weapon appearance is coming, my weapon will looks bad if I can make it default again or change the new one, please make weapon can change appearance many time, not limited


If I remember correctly, you can change the same weapon appearance multiple times…

What you cant do is use the weapon with changed appearance for another weapon…

Please someone with better memory correct me if am wrong…


Correct. I changed my Rod’s looks two times already.


oh because I see the red status cannot change appearance, maybe thats mean cannot become material change correct? I was think it stuck forever with last form, thx


Descriptions aren’t always the best and suffer from not been on native language…

Lot gets lost in translation in this game :smile:

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