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[SUBMIT] Spear&Rapier


I love the class and find one of the most original and fun of the swordsman tree their beautifull moviments are uniques.
• Take bash in lvl 3, because at this level it enables the passive to take down, the bash is with 5 loads so it will be VERY useful to you.
• Remember that Gung ho does not work simultaneously with Bear, they are choosing wisely the time to use each one.
• Always keep Epee Garde, CD = duration and Olé CD30 on > duration 20s.
• At times more tense abuse of the back slash, he will give you 100% evasion for 5s, and reset his CD with Balestra frente, that is, 10s with 100% avoidance.
• The Balestra Frente has a tip, is always a mean distance from the target when applying it, I do not know is intentional or not, but it applies a greater damage when the targets are at the limit of the range, as if Rapier’s tip hit them instead of crossing them.
• Use the combinations:
• In mobs: Gung ho + Epee grid + Olé> Cirrida Finale, when targets are being pushed back use> Pull Rete> Faena (activate bleed) + X (always jump to cancel animations)> Blandir Cadena.
• In players and boss: start with Epee grid + Olé + Dagger Guard> Pull Rete> Throw rete> back slash> Balestra Frente > Preparantion> Fletche> Blandir Cadena> 2x Fletche.
• The Dagger guard will give you a high bock chace when equipped with a dagger, aesthetically shielded fencer does not take legal, and the Solmik dagger will give you a +100 critical rate, so you will join the tool to nice.
• Cards: 3x Marnox (45 critical rate), 3x Eleganos (30 dex), 3x Prison Cuttler (30% more damage on bleed targets, you will easily bleed with killer skills) magic), 1x Zaura (10% physical def.), 1x Armaos (10% chance to create a shield with 1000 life), 1x Nuale (10% def.) and if you can as legendary to Asiomage (+150 critical rate)

Amo a classe e acho uma das mais originais e divertidas da árvore de espadachim.
• Pegue bash no lvl 3, pois nesse nível habilita a passiva de derrubar, o bash está com 5 cargas então lhe será MUITO útil.
• Lembre que Gung ho não funciona simultaneamente com Bear, estão escolha sabiamente a hora de usar cada um.
• Mantenha sempre Epee grade, CD=duração e Olé Ativos CD30>duração 20s.
• Em momentos mais tensos abuse do back slash ,ele te dará 100% de evasão por 5s, e resete o cd dele com Balestra frente, ou seja, 10s com 100% de evasão.
• O balestra frente tem um macete, sempre esteja a uma distância média do alvo ao aplicá-lo, não sei é intencional ou não, mas ele aplica um dano maior quando os alvos estão no limite do range, como se ponta da Rapier os acertasse em vez de atravessá-los.
• Use as combinações:
• em mobs: Gung ho+Epee grade+Olé>corrida Finale, quando os alvos estiverem sendo empurrados de volta use > Pull Rete> Faena (ativar o sangramento) + X(sempre pule para cancelar as animações)>Blandir Cadena.
• Em players e boss: começe com Epee grade+Olé+Dagger Guard>Pull Rete>Throw rete >back slash>Balestra frente>Preparantion>Fletche> Blandir Cadena>2x Fletche.
• O Dagger guard te dará uma alta chace de bock quando equipado com adaga, fencer com escudo esteticamente não pega legal, e a Solmik dagger te dará +100 de critical rate, então você unirá o útil ao agradável.
• Cartas: 3x Prison Cuttler (30% de dano a mais em alvos com sangramento, você aplicará sangramento facilmente com as skills de matador), 3x Marnox(45 critical rate), 3x Eleganos (30 de dex), 1xNuale(10% def mágica), 1xZaura(10% de def física), 1x Armaos(10% de chance de criar um escudo com 1000 de vida), e se puder como lendário a Asiomage(+150 critical rate)


Suggestion: change thread name. I accidentally came here and discover that it’s about exactly my build.

Thanks for this guide!
I’m 360 lvl for now (350 plate and +8 primus rapier) and I have sustain HP and SP problems on solo play.
How can I improve my survivability?

Can you say something about Muleta? It’s weird skill I rare use it and it seems I can spend this point for something else.
Dagger Finish why not use it, low damage? I thought it must have skill for rapier+dagger.

I like this build but it seems I have to spend so much time and SP for preparation and meantime soak the damage. Maybe on max level and some gear it will be more easy?


I thought Retiaru’s Retes only buffed one-handed spear damage.
Whats the benefit of using them with a rapier?