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[SUBMIT] Scouts 101 - A basic overview



This is a general outline of the Scout base class, and an introduction to the classes available to you as you progress.

c_scout_scout scout_f
Scout - Base Class

The initial class you start as, the Scout skill layout provides a foundation to your later class selections.

Some of the skills will not be required; or would only require a single point investment, depending on your future class and weapon selections.

Skill details
    The following are the upcoming changes to the scout skill tree that have not been implemented into ITOS:
    Dagger Slash Current Balance Patch
    AOE Ratio 0 3
    Overheat 1 3
    SP Cost 94 62
    Skill SFR 232 + (SkillLv -1)x7.7 154 + (SkillLv -1)x5.1
    [ADDED] +20% damage to stunned, blinded and bleeding enemies
    [ADDED] Will be affected by [Attack Speed]

  • Oblique Fire
    [ADDED] Will be affected by [Attack Speed]
  • Skills:

    • icon_arch_cloaking Cloaking
      This is the Scout’s basic stealth skill. It has a 40 second cooldown, and a 12s (+2s per skill level after Lv1) duration. It also provides a damage bonus of 12% (+2% per skill level after Lv1) to the next basic attack or skill used while stealthed.
      [Combo effect] When used with the Assassin’s ‘Behead’ skill, ‘Behead’ deals 200% additional damage.

    • icon_scout_daggerslash Dagger Slash
      The bread and butter of the melee scout, with a 10 second cooldown, 3 overheats and a decent area of effect, this skill provides a decent basic attack skill, and a nice finisher for stragglers in PVE.

    • icon_scout_obliquefire Oblique Fire
      The equivalent of Dagger Slash for the pistol scout, this skill has a 20 second cooldown and 5 overheats. Instead of an area of effect, this skill hits a maximum of 2 targets.
      [Combo effect] When used inside Corsair’s Jolly Roger area of effect, the skill bounces to an additional enemy (+1 maximum targets hit).

    • icon_scout_doubleattack Double Attack
      Provides the Scout a 20% fixed bonus to critical rate values, and a chance of bonus damage on sub-weapon basic attacks. 1 level in this skill is enough for most scouts.
      NOTE: The skill’s sub-weapon basic attack bonus DOES NOT WORK WITH SKILLS. The two classes that can properly use the bonus damage is the Schwarzer Reiter, as its Limacon skill is classified as a basic sub-weapon attack, and the Bullet Marker, where the bonus damage is directly factored into your auto-attack damage numbers. Dagger scouts generally do not use auto-attacks for damage, and the Dagger Slash skill would be a better point investment.

    • icon_scout_freestep Free Step
      Scout’s defensive buff, this provides an evasion bonus of 4% per skill level. Good to put a few points into, but not particularly necessary.


The Scout Class Tree
As a scout, you will have these following classes available to you. Note that some classes have skills that can only be used with a dagger, or only with a pistol. It is recommended that you select classes that stay with a single off-hand weapon, as it may be costly to upgrade both a dagger and pistol at the same time.

c_scout_assassin Assassin [Dagger Only, Attack]
The Assassin class is a fully melee attack class. It has attack skills suited for dealing large amounts of damage to a single target, and a buff providing you with bonus attack speed & critical damage (coming in a future patch). It also has an area of effect debuff which reduces the evasion and critical resistance of your enemies. The class is suited for PVE Anti-Boss builds, and PVP builds, as a number of its skills have lower AoE ratios and smaller hitboxes.

However, its final tier skill Annihilation, provides the assassin with huge Area of Effect, damage, and an invisibility aftereffect, potentially off-setting the drawbacks of having weaker AoE on its other skills.


c_scout_outlaw Outlaw [Hybrid, Attack, Minor Tank Abilities]
Some may consider the Outlaw class as an ‘off-tank’, or even as a potential evasion-based tank for PVE purposes. The Outlaw provides you with a blind debuff, a stun, taunt and threat bonus effects, and a hefty AoE with a damage bonus component built in. All of these skills can be used with both daggers and pistols, while there a choice between a dagger-only or pistol-only attack skill depending on your build.

Most of the Outlaw’s skills can be used while mounted, and allows this class to be selected alongside fully mounted classes like the Schwarzer Reiter.


c_warrior_squire Squire [Utility, Shop]
The Squire is a full utility & shop class, with a token attack skill [Dagger Only]. The majority of its skills are for the opening of maintenance & buff shops, or for the setting up of a camp & food table that provides your party with buffs.

Note that you are able to use the camp and food table set up by another of your own characters, thus most people would take squire on a character specifically made for stores & buffs.


c_warrior_corsair Corsair [Hybrid, Attack, Minor Team Support]
Similarly to the Outlaw, a Corsair brings skills that can be used with both daggers and pistols. Besides the attack skills, the Corsair brings some utility in PVP with its Iron Hook and Keel Hauling skills (Recent patches made these skills not as strong as they once were, however). Corsair’s signature skill, Jolly Roger, allows you to plant a flag that grants a hefty physical damage bonus once your entire team lands a total of 100 hits on enemies within its area of effect.

Alongside the Outlaw, the Corsair’s skills can be used while mounted.


c_warrior_shinobi Shinobi [All Weapons, Attack, Unlock Required]
The Shinobi is a gimmick class that provides the Scout an ability to summon up to 3 clones of yourself. These clones have their own HP bar, and are controlled by AI. They will also utilize your shinobi skills. All the skills in this class are made to work with the clone ability, and do not have any special combination effects with the other Scout classes.


c_wizard_thaumaturge Thaumaturge [Farming, Self/Team Support]
Re:Build’s Thaumaturge has been modified from a full buffing support class, to one more specialized in farming. With a skill that doubles all drops from monsters under its effect (Swell Body), and another that provides you with additional loot chance value (Swell Brain), it is one of the go-to classes for a farming build.


c_wizard_enchanter Enchanter [Self/Team Support, Utility, Shop]
An Enchanter provides the Scout with a reduction to stamina consumption and a movement speed bonus, additional lightning damage on every hit, additional accuracy and crit rate value, the ability to block without shields, and an additional secondary attack on all auto-attacks. The enchanter also allows the Scout to open a store that provides armor enchantments.

The secondary attack (Lightning Hands) will not proc on skill usage, and thus the enchanter is mostly only taken alongside the Schwarzer Reiter or Bullet Marker classes.


c_wizard_linker Linker [Utility, Farming, Debuff]
The Linker class can be said to be a rather unique one. It is the second go-to class for farming builds, as it allows the Scout to link monsters, which will share all damage taken among the linked monsters, for a number of hits based on skill level. A second skill allows the Scout to pull all linked monsters together, which combos with the Thaumaturge’s Swell Body ability, allowing the Scout to effectively double the drops of all the linked monsters. Lastly, the Linker also provides some anti-boss debuffs from its Electric Shock skill, which deals damage and reduces the physical defense of the targeted monster (or player in PVP) by 25%.


c_archer_rogue Rogue [Dagger Only, Attack, Self Support]
Rogues mainly provides the Scout classes with Sneak Hit self-buff, which allows the Scout to achieve a 50% crit chance (at level 10) when attacking from behind. This skill, when coupled with its main attack skill Backstab, allows the Rogue to deal significant amounts of damage when positioned correctly. The Rogue class also provides a short-duration buff that grants a massive amount of evasion multiplier, allowing a higher chance of escape. Alongside its critical and evasion buffs, the Rogue also gains an ability to tear gas an area, preventing any enemy caught within its area of effect from attacking.


c_archer_schwarzereiter Schwarzer Reiter [Pistol Only, Attack, Mounted]
The Schwarzer Reiter is the sole mounted class in the Scout tree. It grants the Scout the ability to ride companions in battle. The class is designed around the ability to hit large numbers of enemies, with its 2 area of effect skills, Retreat Shot (10s duration, 20s cooldown) and Marching Fire (5s duration, 15s cooldown). Additionally, it provides the Scout with the ability to fire its pistol while moving through its Limacon skill.

NOTE: The Limacon skill is a sub-weapon pistol auto-attack buff that will still allow you to proc the Scout base class’s Double Attack bonus damage.


c_archer_bulletmarker Bullet Marker [Pistol Only, Attack]
Bullet Marker is the second class in the Scout tree that is purely based on pistols. It has much more skills compared to the other classes, as some of them are made to be used in combination with the Schwarzer Reiter class. It also grants the Scout a stance (Dual Gun Stance) that switches the default auto-attack of your character into one that is ranged & pistol-based. The Bullet Marker is also one of the few classes in the Scout tree with skills that have built-in armor-ignore (the other class being Assassin, in a future patch).

NOTE: The Dual Gun Stance will trigger the Scout base class’s Double Attack bonus damage proc; HOWEVER, it does not show up as additional numbers, and is directly calculated into your double hit damage.


It is recommended that you do not pick 3 full ‘attacker’ role classes unless you have an extremely good reason to do so, as you will not have enough time to cycle through all the attack skills. A 2+1 build (either 2 attack, or 2 support/buff classes, with 1 of the other) will be much more effective in most cases.



Only a little note:
Shinobi skills can be used with a Pistol and they do scale accordingly with a Pistol.
Its not dagger only.

Thank you


Well this is not entirely true…


Fixed, thanks for noticing.


Interesting, I did most of my testing in the Highlander Master’s training area, and that would’ve not shown up at all. Did some further testing and turns out that is accurate. Amended guide, thanks.


IMC should make training room there, so you could change amount of hp, type of monster/attribute/race to test things. :tired:
It would really help.


Even a training dummy with like 100mil HP instead of 1 damage per hit would be better than nothing -_-