[SUBMIT][Guide] Building walls, by Donald Trump


NA Klaipeda: ArenaWaifu

Rank 7: Cryo3Wiz3Rc1
Rank 8: Cryo3Wiz3Rc1Thau1
Rank 9: Cryo3Wiz2Ele3Rc1
Re:build: Cryo-Tao-Chrono

This is a Cryomancer related guide specific to one of their skills: Ice Wall.

Ice wall is a skill which creates 1 + (Skill level) walls of ice which have 2 + 2 * (Skill level) HP. These walls deal damage the first time an enemy hits them. The walls are blowable via Ice Blast, which means you can do 1 damage to your wall to make it deal Ice blast damage to one target nearby.

Ice walls are solid structures which you cannot normally jump over. Ice walls are things you can place between your friends and their goals, to keep them away from achieving their dreams. But some friends are smart, and they know the “Jumping Trick”.

The “Jumping trick” consists of using the Quest Warp animation in order to make your character levitate, giving it extra height, and then jumping. These allow for a higher jump which lets you hop over ice walls. In towns, due to traffic-related issues, ice walls will not be solid. People can easily walk across them.

Whenever you cast ice wall, the walls are created at your same height. If you were to create an ice wall at ground level, jump over it and then reset your skills cooldowns, you could create a new wall at a higher level than the previous one. If many cryomancers teamed up together they could easily create Ice Stairs to heaven.

(stairs gif)

Let’s get on the REAL DEAL now

In my opinion, ice wall is potentially the top DPS skill in the entire game after re:build. The reason I say so is because of the secondary DPS tool ice wall brings, the Ice Shards.

Ice shards are generated whenever a wall is dealt damage by a physical skill or a specially interactive magic skill (Psychic Pressure, Kundela Slash, Gravity pole with Omnyoji firefox attribute). Keep in mind general debuffs like most poisons, burns and bleeds are considered physical, therefore they also proc shards on walls.

(Ice shard image)

For every 1 HP the wall is dealt damage via one of the skills previously mentioned, 3 shards are sent out in the direction the Caster is facing AT THE MOMENT. Ice shards can be freely orientated.

Each shard has a skill factor of 100%. Which means it does the same damage an autoattack would do. Each hit also applies on-hit damage such as blessing and elemental property bonuses.

Let’s imagine this situation now. Caster uses lvl 4 ice wall which involver 5 total walls ( 1 + skill level ) with 10 hp ( 2 + 2 * skill level). The total amount of shootable shards is 3 shards per 1 HP per wall. Therefore 3 * 10 * 5, which equals 150 hits. 150 * 100% SFR = 15.000% SFR.

The highest level an ice wall can be is lvl 20 considering you are using an Audra with Humming Bird Gem ( Ice wall skill level +1), divine might and miko’s Sweeping.

A level 20 ice wall creates 21 walls with 42 HP each, meaning that the total amount of hits is 2.646.
Thanks to rebuild, chronomancer now has an egoist version of Pass which doubles the cooldown reduction if it applieso nly to yourself. Ice wall’s cooldown is 50s and Pass reduces 50s on all yor skills, allowing you to cast a second ice wall on top of the first one, and therefore making the maximum amount of hits 5.292.

In most cases being able to cast a lvl 20 ice wall 2 times while not being interrupted is extremely hard. Considering the only situation you would desire to use this skill is at high HP bosses where a lot of people go, which implies your FPS are gonna drop, making ice walls way harder to deploy no a proper pattern.

The second biggest problem is, managing to hit every wall with a physical skill, dealing a total amount of 5.292 damage to the wall group. This feat is highly impossible without the proper gear and characters. By experience the only way to truly destroy a double ice wall max level is with a Matador + Doppel and an Inquisitor, both wearing Frieno Set. This class combinations allow for massive physical multihits.

The third issue is, managing to hit the target with every, single, shards. To solve this issue you require a Falconer and the wall to be close to the target.

If everything goes right and you have more than 16k MATK, Kraujas velcoffer set, pied piper buffs, Taoist charms active and maybe a few more buffs, you should be able to deal extremely high amounts of damage. I will try to record myself performing the entire combination if remotly possible.

Alternatively, the amount of shards being fired and FPS drop may end up crashing the channel, reseting it., making your target dissapear alongside the channel.

Concluding. I have personally managed to deal 24.000 per shard against demon lords without kraujas set. If all 5.292 hits were to hit a demon lord you would need around 27.000 damage per shard to kill it in one combo, dealing a total amount of 158.000.000 HP. Is it worth one shotting a demon lord? For the memes, most likely, but the amount of setup it requires and the different difficulties

Do you wanna build an ice wall… ?

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