[Submit] Dagger Scout Guide


Team Name: DualKris
Server: Klaipeda
This is a informative guide on Dagger scouts because i noticed that they aren’t that strong right now and the survivability is also very difficult and the purpose of this guide is to inform players interested in playing a dagger scouts that are curious about what paths to go and as far as i know you can either go Linker>Assassin>Shinobi Or Rogue>Assassin>Shinobi (The former is highly recommended for newer players because linker provides debuffs and party defense through physical defense that is more newbie friendly. that being said rogue provides alot of crit buff but the tradeoff is that you have to place urself behind bosses to achieve maximum DPS and can be really hard for people who are just getting into the game. i will go through all the skills that are worth putting points into and explain why these skills are important.
Class Capabilities First ranking is rogue instead of linker and the latter ranking is for linker (ranking 1-5)

Bossing (4.5) (4.5)
AOE (3) (4.5)
Support (2) (4)
Survival (2) (3.5)


Double Attack- is a really good buff and should always have it on. critical rate is based off ur critical rate stat so for example if u have critical rate stat of 1000 without any buffs on and it would increase it to 1200. second the additional dmg is also really good and the attribute increases the amount of additional damage the buff gives u so basically from the picture it gives 32.5% more additional dmg from all your attacks when the buff is active. the last part of the buff isn’t that important because that multi hit is only from subweapons so unless your’re going Auto attack build its not worth it. i dont feel like dagger scouts can make Auto attacks worth it unless you go corsair for dual weapon assault and that is expensive because you need a rly good sword and a dagger which can be expensive and since this guide is geared towards people who are just settling into the game i won’t go into detail about that here.
Cloaking- is basically the trademark of scout, nobody else can go into stealth and it gives you a buff of 20% dmg when attacking. the only thing is its only for one attack since after you land an attack it takes you out of stealth, so this is basically an opener which you normally do with your strongest skill. i didn’t include my attribute lvl for this but its lvl 70 which is why its 27% instead of 20% like i said earlier.

Free Step- is ok to have its just that i feel like evasion is a bit underwhelming right now because i get hit more often than i would like and i have almost 1000 evasion in combat but you should still take the buff anyway because the dagger skill from scout isn’t worth the skill points. this also gets 1% more evasion to the buff every 10 attribute levels.

this passive is really important because it can go to lvl 5 which means 10% more dmg from back hits and since rebuild made alot of scaling multiplicative it can scale really high once you get good enough gear.
Lachrymator- this skill is a really op Crowd control because once you hit enemies in PVE with it they will sit there for the duration. personally i like using this when i solo certain content because they will not move so if you’re doing Uphill Defense its good for stalling and if you need to buy some for healing yourself. the attribute is kind of confusing though because i’m not sure if its 75 meter radius or not just saying 75 isn’t very specific. nonetheless though it increases the range of the amount of targets which is still good.

Backstab- this skill is your bread and butter when your strong skills are on cooldown. this skill has a very good chance to stun which is really good for bosses that are susceptible to CCs (super bosses like bosses in raids cannot be stunned). im not sure how much more damage backstab does from behind and i don’t want to feed wrong information so i will just leave it there until i can find out somewhere.
Burrow- this is probably one of my favorite skills because you disappear underground and you press the skill again to come out from underground and its an AOE to nearby targets and best thing about this skill is that its a 100% crit attack.
Sneak Hit- this is why back hits are important on top of the 10% dmg and the attribute makes the buff last longer. this passive is one of rogue’s biggest qualities if you’re going for crit because the high rate.

Knife Throw- this skills is really good for a few reasons: 1 reason is the critical and block resistance debuff which is 20%, the second reason is the fact that all melee attacks have 100% chance to hit whatever knife throw marks hence the debuff Bull’s eye. the last reason is that knife throw grants backstab and burrow 50% more damage.
Joint Penalty- this is really good especially for dagger scouts due to them having low AOE capacity. basically u can use any of ur single target skills against something and it can hit all the linked targets together. the attributes are just elemental dmg which is only good for raiton no jutsu the shinobi skill the other skills don’t interest you because you dont have access to those elements.

Electric Shock- this skill coupled with joint penalty lightning dmg buff and the fact that joint penalty hit all targets thats linked make this skill excellent for mobbing. and electric shock is a defense shred which is good for raid bosses which have alot of defense stats.

Physical Link- this skill is excellent for when you aren’t that geared or you are with people that aren’t that geared since it increases your defense and it shares the damage. this seems mainly good if someone in your party is fairly tanky.
Hangman’s Knot- this is just for gathering, you basically gather all linked targets into one small spot


Behead this skill is realy strong if u pair it with cloaking because of the 200% additional dmg, the only issue is the very short range of the skill but other than that itll be your main dps skill as a dagger scout.

Instant Acceleration- this skill is fairly strong and hits mobs that are in a straight line, this skill is rly good for questing/traveling because right now it ignores elevation so u can teleport over cliffs and stuff with this skill.

Piercing Heart- this skill does ok damage right now and the cd is fairly long so for now you’re mainly using this skill to keep up your 50% crit buff up but this will change after balance patch.

Annihilation- this skill is really strong and your main AOE since it scales the best and if u bleed a target with behead the crit rate of this skill is increased by twice the rate which is really good as well.

Hasisas- base attack rate is for Auto Attack builds so right now you just need it at lvl 1 for the evasion passive you get from the attribute. future balance patch it will increase your crit damage so i will also adjust the recommendation for the skill level once that happens.

Kunai- this skill is really good for aoe and actually bossing for that matter because you get more hits if u use it after you summon clones.

Bunshin no Jutsu- this is the main skill of Shinobi it summons clones but for any of you that used shinobi before reading the skill description will immediately let you know that clones are alot stronger than they were before. they still increase the cooldown of the skills you use. right now clones have a bug where they will target enemies that are furthest away from you. once they fix this it should be smoother gameplay for shinobi but right now its kinda weird.
Mijin no Jutsu- Mijin is a really good bossing and mobbing skill because the aoe of it with the clones and the raw skill dmg it has, this skill is the big reason for speccing rogue because seeing the high scaling of the skill it gets 2 hits if you hit a target that’s hit with lachrymator. one thing to remember that this skill is a clone combo finisher because they disappear after you finish this skill
Raiton no Jutsu- this skill looks really cool and it has really good bossing dmg due to the high skill scaling and it has 2 overheats. this skill scales really well with joint penalty with the lightning attribute,

- Red card

- Green Card

- Purple Card

- Blue Card

so basically dagger scouts don’t have alot to work with right now and rogue requires some decent gear and decent player experience to maintain back hits, so for newbies i would most likely recommend taking linker instead until you feel more comfortable. But as for the cards glass mole is just alot of burst that help dagger scouts since they are supposed to be a burst class. the ellaganos card is to increase your DEX. Gazing Golem is really important because alot of bosses endgame have alot of knockback and this card can help you maintain dps as a melee. so finally blue cards i would probably do 2 zaura for physical defense and 1 nuaele for the extra magical defense.


i would also like to start a conversation about dagger scouts so if anyone have any better builds feel free to discuss it here


What does it mean by submit? Is this for like official guide or something?

Can you keep the paragraph properly. With wall of text can’t even relate with your point.

Can’t you put on videos or images or something? This is more like discussion. You already put some effort, make it worth.


its for a contest and i was going to revise it a lil bit with pictures wasn’t sure who was interested in it yet but i will revise it within the next week


Well it did gave me a good idea as to what to do with my build right now since I’m a returning player and wanted to lv up an sin/shinobi so thank you very much man.


no problem, glad i was able to help


hey man, thanks for the guide, im rogue assassin right now, and im having a hard time choosing the 3rd class, i dont really like shinobi because of the bunshin bug and long CD skill (also the quest) so do you have any alternative?

im thinking outlaw for evasion buff, but i didnt know if its worth it or not. Same with the damage boost from corsair.


it all depends on what ur build is personally corsair is good for some consistent damage but endgame i found that it was a lil tough critting some bosses so i went rogue. but that’s only once you have shinobi factored in. but i would probably do corsair since you dont have shinobi or linker.


thanks man, do you have any suggestion on equipment also?


Dagger Scout “Guide”

And nothing about Corsair/Outlaw?


Most equipment depends on if you want to go for atk or crit and crit dmg so I use nepagristas necklace and Vargas bracelets cuz they offer the most crit attack and you mostly want velcoffer gear anyway


Corsair is still kinda subjective cuz it scales off 2 weapons so it’s expensive to use for newer players getting into it and outlaw is just for pvp it doesn’t do that much damage and it doesn’t offer any good support other than evasion


You dont realy need to use Corsair skills …
Brutality soon buffs slash atacks.
Jolly roger gives a +50% buff to physical atacks in fever.

Outlaw´s rampage has a huge hitbox and hits very hard on stunned/blinded/bleeding enemys.
Mangle on a Blinded enemy (Throw sand Blindes enemys) has a skillfactor around 1500%.
Not to mention that it has a invuln and 15 secs cooldown.

If u use Anihilation after Rampage its get a 50% damage boost.

I can agree on linker since electric shock and Jp are just stupid strong ^^


Hello bookman thanks for the Infos.
I have some doubts that is killing me , I have an Velcoffer dagger that ive bought already with wastrel ichor for a good price, do you think its worth to change it for an asio ichor ?