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Stuck at character selection WAY TOO OFTEN

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Blackwargreymon

Character Name: Omega

Bug Description :
after the latest mt clicking start game in character selection screen sometime just make the game stuck.not freeze as i cant do anything but just nothing happen. clicking login, choosing character and click start game then the game just stuck and wont let me in

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. choose server
  2. click login
  3. choose character
  4. click start game
  5. stuck

Screenshots / Video :

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : kb

above rec


  1. i do the verify integrity thing
  2. my network is great, in fact im streaming 720p youtube while playing and when i close the browser, same thing still happen. so dont blame my network
  3. my pc spec is awesome that tos is just like tetris to my rigs. its always the game fault that its not optimized, like late 64 bit and dx11, network protocol etc etc

i rarely want to write ticket cause i hate the autoreply but this thing is annoying me now.
But of course i come with workaround.
by doing logout once(the only thing you can do while stuck), relogin, clicking start game it will 100% work. so the first attempt of login will most of times failed now that i need to do this silly workaround almost every single time.
so please instead of relying on players workaround like situation with map bug and so many other bug, please fix this one thing.

surprisingly there is mt in klaipeda due to server stabilization
lets see if anything changes

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im from Telsiai, i get this also, when u click start game at char select nothing happens.
all i do when that happens is click logout then choose server, then click start game immediately.

saaame :tired: 2o chars


But the server is “stabalized”

My arse

yeah after the emergency mt its fixed
well done

Got same thing happened to me today for me in Fedi.

Thank you for workaround, as IMC solution will take like 2-3weeks.

I reported the same issue 3 weeks ago and so far I can’t get into the game. I am from SA Silute and I have two different computers and in both I have the same problem. I can log in sometimes if I insist on clicking logout and then trying again a few times, but it is quite annoying.

i had this issue since maybe 3 weeks ago too, i had to switch IP sometimes… sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. We had a maintenance yesterday and i assume the issue is fixed now.

if stuck in char select

  1. logout to title screen
  2. login sv
  3. instant enter to the world . no need select char

Yup yup, normal as always… I guess everyone have this…
The only fix is to logou then login again and pray this doesn’t happen again… I already got stuck on a 8x logout/login loop before I managed to get in on my 9th attempt…

Happened to me yesterday. Indeed logging out from the server then back works. However the game was completely unplayable, skills were bugging the music, turning it to some DJ record scratching session, full stuttering in towns…

From tomorrow it will be 4 weeks with this problem for me. In the last few days I even managed to log in after a few attempts, but in the last 6 hours I can’t get into the game at all, I’ve tried to create another account, change regions, change computers and I can’t log in. I have already sent 3 tickets about this issue and I always receive the same crappy automatic message. Every year this company gets worse.