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Stronger Boruta: bug or ninja update?

Yesterday our guild went for Battle at Sulivinas Lair. We had all the big guns plus some new people, so we were expecting finishing business in one go. Result: we managed to only wipe 50% of Boruta’s health, not really what we expected. So what went wrong?

  1. Boruta more healthy

I checked my own damage during the fight, and clearly it was as usual. Other guild members said the same, so it was clearly not a pumped defense. Since we wiped half of Boruta’s hps, I imagine that the phat dragon had twice his usual amount of hps.

  1. Boruta more deadly

Our tank with a truckload of hps and defense was taking huge hits from Boruta. I experienced the same when I got hit (not the 20k or so usual but more like 100k damage). Seems Boruta’s attack was vastly increased, and it was not due to the “berserk” mode being activated (our own damage was not reduced – which was the case when the old PvP Boruta went berserk).

So did we hit a bug again? There was a time where Boruta was buffed with Sanctuary when hit by Crush. Or was it simply a ninja patch on Boruta giving him twice the hps and attack? Or a twitch on how Urbas Seals work?

You guys problably faced the pardoner issue. Discerning evil is kindda buggy some boss together with some debuffs. The boss becomes stronger and its almost impossible to kill.

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I would guess there’s an Appraiser among you.

yes we have an Appraiser. Which skill cause the bug then?

Don’t remember if we had a Pardoner the first day, but this could be it.

So Blindside or Devaluate bugs?

Anyway, we didn’t hit the same bug yesterday, Boruta’s damage was back to normal. Unfortunately, since the bugged hp got saved when we failed to kill it in one go, we had to suffer the double hp penalty again, so our time this week is going to be twice as usual. Bummer…

Looks like it’s a problem related to the use of one of those skills which glitches the boss making him WAY harder to kill and turn his attacks into a insta-kill type:

Discerning Evil
Henge Stone

Also try not to use any of those:

Breaking Wheel (waste of dps on hit by other clan mates)
Black Death Steam (somehow lags the server, ridiculous no?)
Judgment (Turns the boss into a demon type monster for a short time and it is a waste of dps since everyone should be geared to kill a beast type monster)

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Noted for next time.

I’m using Inqui for Boruta and put the wheel far away since I’m using it only for the combo with Ripper, which strangely can hit the boss from a good distance. I’ll put a reminder for other inquis to do the same.

Yes I’ve reminded other inquis not to use this… especially since I’m using ichors with like +2000 to beast, solo/guild beast boosting buff and Goddess Beast retribution potions :wink:

For the same reason, druids should not use Chortasmata without the attribute that removes “turn into plant-type” effect.

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