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[streams] Newbie in 2019 :D


Hiho! Recently I’ve returned to the game after… 3 years? :smiley: And the game become much better, actully awesome!

Long time ago I’ve played till lvl ~25 (noob :P) and after all this years I actually forgot everything about the game, so now I’m starting from blank :DD

Would be glad to have you advice!

Server Name:Fedi

Team Name:Tangar

Character Name:Igroglaz

Video Description: My past stream after return to the game :smiley:

Video Link:

In this topic I’ll post my new streams :smiley: Please you are welcome to subscribe to my YT channel to do not miss upcomming streams:

Have a great day! =)

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That totem quest bug… How many returning players have being trolled by IMC ? :tired:

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Welcome to the forums, Tangar :bear:

For advice, read the comments on your vids. :haha:

(this is PW btw… :wink: )



doublethy, yep, it’s a nasty bug :smiley: Luckily it’s not storyline, but a side quest.

draconis, thanks for a welcome and for advices :smiley: They are great! )

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Nice seen more people of Fedimian…

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Yet Another Newbie Stream:

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