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Storyline and legendary slot

I have been told that you have to finish the storyline to get a legendary card slot (don’t know what is it).
Anyway, i have to do it with every character or i should do it just with one? cause when i press f5 to check quests it shows me that some chapters are already cleared with my main character and i don’t know if i should do it again or just focus on levelling

You need to do that for every character. Just complete the main questline till episode 9 (10?).

and what about part 2? i see that for every episode you have a part 1 and part 2 but the main story makes me follow the part 1 of every episode.

what legendary card do you plan to use? most of them are a luxury

Just part 1 – it’s the nine revelation quests you need to complete

Part 2 is the Orsha arc, which like subquests are only available after completing the Klaipeda arc. You don’t need these for the legendary card.

As a side note, I’ve started a new character on NA server (since my team on EU server is full) to test Crusader and I can tell you that doing only the main quests is super quick now, so getting your legendary slot should be very fast.