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Storm and Thunderbolt Ark Breakdown (Party and Solo Showcase)

Video Description :

Storm ark has chances to cast a thunder strike, which can hit up to 7 targets at a low skill scaling, while Thunderbolt ark only hit one single-target, but it does a lot of damage. A lot of players have reached out to me about Storm & thunderbolt Ark, so I decided to make a video to cover these two arks in terms of strength and weakness. I also will be covering Storm ark in the future once we received the buff version, so look forward to it! Hopefully, this video helps out all the players who there who are still having problems choosing their end-game Ark.
:white_check_mark: Build & Resources :white_check_mark:
➤【Exorcist - Druid - Crusader】:
➤ Storm Ark:
➤ Thunderbolt Ark:
➤ (KTOS) Storm Ark: (2400% + 490%)
➤ (KTOS) Thunderbolt Ark: (3500% +700%)
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:00 - 0:46 | Introduction
➤ 0:47 - 2:10 | Storm & Thunderbolt Breakdown for Classes
➤ 2:11 - 2:59 | Weekly Content Breakdown
➤ 3:00 - 3:40 | Challenge Mode Focus
➤ 3:40 - 4:12 | Field Boss Benefits (Thunderbolt Ark)
➤ 4:13 - 7:42 | Party Play (Storm Ark)
➤ 7:43 - 10:02 | Solo Play (Storm Ark) - West Jungle
➤ 10:03 - 10:23 | Equipment
➤ 10:24 - 10:36 | Card + Stats
➤ 10:36 - 10:47 | Assisters
➤ 10:48 - 11:02 | Skills Build

Video Link :

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99,9% will choose thunder for now
the situation where it can be boosted by ataka and ability to crit gives too much advantage
only if they remove its ability to crit, or ability to work with ataka it will become even
furthermore remove the ability where it can be boosted with lightning element boost skill will make it fair for solo play and classes that not utilize lightning boosting skills.
it gives too much advantage for taoist or enchanter in solo play, especially the stolen tao

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bernice lv 206 using storm ark
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Everything 10m. Jeezus.

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hello guys, I’m funding my scout assassin/bm/sherifffor bossing wbr/bernice and misrus/lepi solo … I’m thinking of investing for an ark … which is good for me to use? does thunder/storm also works with range type classes?

Hey teeemu, Thunderbolt would work much better for bossing, while storm work for CM/singularity.

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thanks for the reply, I already crafted the thunder one XDD … then someone told me about punishment T.T I noticed it procs more often but I dunno about the damage though …

With the new Gemstone Feud uniform mode we can now try those arks easily. I’ve noticed that on a level 10 ark (storm/thunder) the maximum chance of triggering the effect is set to 21%, however the actual chance of triggering the effect is something like 3%. Is there a formula somewhere that could explain the difference?

I noticed the Punishment Ark … looks pretty strong and it procs almost nonstop O.O compared to thunder …

they say punishment is better than thunder … I wonder about the damage though …

Regarding about Punishment Ark:

Some players will point out punishment ark is better because it work extremely well with burst damage! Also punishment ark has 36% chance to trigger at level 9. (3% per 3 levels).

Ludotos also posted Storm ark with PD build + PD vaivora, which is extremely OP in sing stage 5:

These Arks are heavily depending on your build, and depending on the contents that you’re doing too.

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