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Stop "class balance" for once!

You know, IMC, we’re tired of it, you simply can’t do this forever, learn with other succesfull MMORPGS, like RO, for example, class balance happens when new classes or Episodes are released, like the upcoming 4th classes in kRO, not every 2 months… respect player base, when we’re starting to have fun with a class, you nerf it completely, not cool. Not cool at all. @Staff @GM_Francis


They wanted to copy PoE success by having frequent dynamics and balance redistribution, which resulting so called ‘meta shift’ kind of content update.

But all I see so far are just half assed effort and turd everywhere.

Well, leaving the game rotten for months until a new episode don’t feel right answer… having these balances helps making the game fresh, and help giving space for other classes and builds to shine.

Rotten? The word is stable! Rather have solid foundations in first place to start with, small changes are always welcome, but in slow pace.

yikes, no, RO is terrible at balancing jobs, there are many unplayable and OPs its not even funny, TOS has a much more balanced game in this regard.

That’s kinda the issue. ToS doesn’t has a solid foundation, and without one it can never be stable without updates to trick players into thinking the game is going somewhere, when it only goes in circles.

RO suffers from other issues tied to its design and how old the game is. It does a way better job in giving their classes an unique identity, they have specializations and few overlapping elements. You can’t do X without taking Y or maybe Z class. It also has different playstyles for different classes and even the ability to access some of these features through items.

Both games strengths and weaknesses are on opposite sides.

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wouldn’t it be better if there is a frequent “meta shift” happening? The game won’t stay stagnant. Besides, the NERFs only occurred on OP classes/builds and BUFFs are added on classes that needs to be saved from doom. And it’s all based on player opinions(atleast in KTOS).
If I wait for my favorite class to be buffed(not guaranteed) on the next episode release(which is probably more than a year) I’m not sure if im still playing tos that time.

Let’s just enjoy and go with the flow with this meta shift.

Let embrace the Meta!!!

Gosh… RO is horrible…

yes very balance where all classes can shine just look at all this diferent archer builds in WBR

hey at least it’s still have more class build than swordman table where it’s 99% fencer barb matador

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