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"Steam must be running to play this game"

My husband is trying to download ToS and downloaded steam, then the game. when he logs in he gets an error message that says “SteamAPlnitfailed” not sure what this means but can someone help me out?

Every Tuesday night steam goes off for some minutes for Maintenance. The game requires the Steam service to be full online to operate, while in maintenance, can’t access the servers. Wait a bit, restart steam and should be good.

Are you still having the issue?

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The game cannot run while there is a Steam update pending, and the update doesn’t automatically occur when Steam is started. You need to reboot your computer so next time Steam starts it automatically updates.

yes he is still having issues with trying to get into the game. he has even reinstalled the game and he’s still getting this error message.

First close steam and try to run it as Administrator
Try running the game client as administrator (Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release)
Try reinstalling the latest DirectX and Visual C++ redistributable

I had him do as you suggested Nyuha and it is still not working. I told him to send in a ticket, but he’s looking at the support section. anything else you suggest? this is the first time he’s playing and if he submits a ticket he has to list character and team name which he doesn’t have

Uninstall the game from Steam and reinstall it. You have to run it from Steam every time. And yeah, you should be running Steam as an administrator.

I had a similar issue when trying to patch when Steam was down for maintenance and it literally bricked the game and I had to reinstall.

Do other games run on Steam normally for him or is this the first game he’s installed?

this is the first game from steam he has played and he’s done everything that you listed above. he’s at a stand still. he sent in a ticket but not sure how long that will take. he hasn’t even been able to make a character yet.

Wonder if he has Steam installed in multiple locations somehow?

Is he able to navigate to the Steam folder, can he find the Tree folder to begin with?