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Steam Guard not detected by Trade Grade

Pretty much self-explanatory from the screenshot.

Note this is a level 2 Steam Account, no money has been spent in it before.

Support told me to repost to forums so here I am. How do you enable the Steam Guard checkbox? Getting 8 revelations for me is going to take quite a while because of my job.
I tried searching forums but there was only 1 relevant post which didn’t really give any solutions.

The Steam Guard thing is misleading. IIRC you need to actually buy TP (and quite a lot) with your Steam account to get this activated.

is this true?
no wonder they will increase steam guard rank grade to 5 in future
not to protect account or ensure youre not bot but just to get ppl pay for the game

you need to active steam guard mobile , then it will detect in game.

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