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State of the game 2019


Hey everyone, so thats my question, is worth to start playing this game right now, as a solo (casual) player?


Until the Re:build patch hits, you’ll have a considerably harder time as a casual player as there are considerable gear requirements for level 350+ content.

If you don’t mind that and want to slowly grind&quest your way, it doesn’t really matter,though.

The general difference between starting compared to starting later:

  1. you can test more Classes because of the Reset Bonanza event which is still ongoing till next week

  2. you get less rewards for questing than after Re:build hits the servers

  3. you get less rewards for daily Saalus&Gem Feud than after Re:build hits the servers

  4. you might get confused once Re:build hits because the game you just started is going to change fundamentally, requiring to learn from scratch again

  5. depending on your level, you might miss the chance to make some more initial silver (2x challenge mode via bonus season right now)/drop more random stat gear/buy cheap primus equipment from market and easy monster gem exchange (some monster gems will yield you a gem box with the Re:build update, offering you to get a monster gem of your choice) if you only start after Re:build is applied

  6. overall higher difficulty before Re:build is applied

  7. some Classes being more useless currently than after the patch (or vice versa in a few special cases, because of decreased overall difficulty)

  8. higher gear requirements for endgame content than after Re:build is applied

  9. some content is currently requiring special party compositions to clear while it will be open to all compositions with Re:build since using potions will recover enough HP and attack>defense correlations & HP bolsters of bosses are toned down


Now is actually the best time because there’s an event which gives you an extra challenge mode per day, and extra cubes from end game raids.

While you may not get to end game before the event ends, challenge modes are one of the best ways to level, and getting an extra reset per day is exceptionally useful.

The game is also fairly active right now, but if you want to have a character ready to go by the time Rebuild hits, leveling now is a great opportunity. Some other things which make leveling very fast are also going away in Rebuild–though damage in Rebuild is broadly higher–so I think now is a great time to get started. Just go into it knowing that everything will change in a few weeks.


Okay thank you guys to answer. I didn’t even know about this RE:Build thing, im just gonna jump into the game and enjoy it and i will see how things come



Worth game and worst game solo.