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Stat Growth Distribution, how do?


So, okay, in re:birth, our class dictates how stats are spend instead of manual spending… The thing… How does the stats distribute?

Does it distribute according to the last class you changed it to or the class you have selected as active? Or does the stat growth calculate an average of the stat growth percentages between the classes selected? For example, let’s say I take monk and start leveling, then it’s time for class change and I go priest or something more SPR related. Will the monk stat growths and priest stat growths mix up somehow or do the priest’s stat growth distribution just take over?

What happens if you use a stat reset potion and it just auto invests stats according to your “active class”? I tried searching, but nothing really answers my questions…



your stats are distributed automatically depending on the class you choose in no particular order.

Example, choosing Barb-Doppel-Highlander will still give you the same stats as choosing Highalnder-Barb-Doppel.

and as for using Stat reset, it will only reset reward stats that you have acquired from quests and statues.



It’s fixed stats depending on your classes combination and level. Doesn’t matter which classes you picked first, in the end it’ll be the same.



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Thanks for the answers, clears up my concerns right there. I mean, if I had any inkling of idea that such information could be found in maintenance post, I might have found it myself.

Thanks Enkii, Riph and Pulga. May the RNG bless you with great loot and tons of experience!



I’m sorry for using this post, but does it matter which class is set as the main class? For example, if I choose inquisitor/exorcist/PD, but level solely with inquisitor set as the main class, will the stats distribuiton follow only the inquisitor’s?



Yes the stat will follow Inquisitor’s growth but if I’m not mistaken, if you have lv 390 Inquisitor only, the stat will only count Inquisitor’s multiplier, multiplied by lv 390. So it will still be far weaker compared to having 2 classes.



It doesn’t really matter
It’s only for aesthetics and or immediate discernment of your main class for your party.


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