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StartUp: feature or bug?

I was testing StartUp in PvP and noticed this behavior.

StartUp and PvP

“Penalty: HP Reduction” effect occurs for each hit of Wind Shikigami. Is it a bug?

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Taking too much damage while charging StartUp causes you to get stunned and also suffer 30% of your max HP in damage. That’s why you are getting hit for 78097 (0.30 * 260326).

However, it does seem to be applying this penalty multiple times to skills that are “fake” multi-hits, as in, skills that have a “hit count.” Fake multi-hits are batches of damage that occur instantaneously, at the same time. It would seem that StartUp is being canceled by the hit, but because all following hits are also occurring at the exact same time (same calculation, same frame, etc) they are all considered to be hits applied during StartUp, because StartUp is not being given a chance to end.

So, it’s technically not a bug because all hits are occurring while you are charging StartUp, but more than likely unintended behavior that should be patched, if it wasn’t already in the KR version.

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This one is being there upon release soooooo, i guess it became a Feature… Well Hope its patched eventually.
Also, its REALLY easy to get the “Too much damage” in PvP… Like a skill that would hit 20k in total damage can proc it easily.

wind shikigami is 5 true multi hits

Even if it is a true multi-hit, the reasoning is still the same.