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Starting To the Fortress of the Land


Unable to start:

I have completed the revelation in this are and all prerequisite classes listed by base. I’ve double checked my journal to make sure I completed everything up until this point, and I can confirm that I have. I also double checked to make sure I didn’t completed To the Fortress of the Land, and I have not.

I’ve read through this thread and I see mention of a quest that you start by obtaining an item drop. I can’t find any details or proof of its existence online (which you can for any other hidden quest). I’m convinced it doesn’t exist but maybe the items are just substantially rarer than any other quest like this?

I’ve also completed all quests from her on the map up to and including

Is there an additional hidden quest I’m missing? Is it bugged? Any help/suggestions appreciated as I was pulling my hair out running back and forth for hours last night.



A small part of a guide I wrote for my guild a while back:

  1. Talk to Wilhelmina Carriot in Inner Enceinte District and receive the quest
  2. Go to Sentry Bailey and take notes ( quest button V ) in the location found in the map
  3. Same for Drill Ground of Confliction, Resident Quarter, Storage Quarte, Fortress Battleground
  4. Return to Wilhelmina Carriot and receive Collection: Pasleptas and Ripped Paper

Pre-requisite(s): Finish Inner Enceinte District main quest until Fortress Battlegrounds and 100% all maps.

Have you finished the maps with 100% exploration? If so, then I’m not sure what other prereqs there are.



This. Thank you. Ffs I had 0 quests on any of the maps or surrounding areas an for some reason opted not to 100% Fortress Battlegrounds since I knew I finished everything else there (the best part being I probably 100%'d like 45 maps last night except this one).

Got the quest.