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Stamp Tour: Deal One Hundred Million Damage at 1 HIt

Hello Saviors, can someone advise on how to complete this stamp tour activity that requires you to deal one hundred million damage or more at 1 hit? Thanks,

Thats just a misstranslation/mistake, what it actually is, is deal one hundred million in 1 go, as in, you have to deal a total of 100 mill in one run, not just one hit

  • use a priest-diev-oracle-kabba.
  • cast TOF every 25s
  • profit.

hi, what do you mean in one run? Cm? Raid?

Go weekly boss.

20 chars

Ohh you have to do it in the Weekly Boss Raid, check the Dungeon Info UI (F10 i think?) to go to the Weekly Boss Raid

yes, Just bring a decent dps or oracle dieve it will be ok.

maybe since the blog(?) was already corrected from the start, so they won’t care?

Give one hundred million or more accumulated damage in Weekly Boss Raid 3 times during Stamp Tour