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SR/Sheriff/Enchanter Skill Build

Hello all,

I am trying to reclass my SR/enchanter/thau into SR/enchanter/sheriff,

Never play sheriff before, can someone help with sheriff skill build?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since you asked only for sheriff build:

Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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ok so i reclassed it, got some questions on this i hope you or someone can help with:

  1. for Westraid: Final Roulette arts, is this arts affected by the skill level, or leveling the skill affect the crit rate?

  2. Skill rotation wise, would it be; westraid, redemption, quick draw, fanning, peacemaker, and aiming shot?

  3. How do i combine the skill rotation with SR?


For an art to work you need only 1 level of the skill. So, no. Westraid won’t “stack” with the art.
I like to go: westraid - peacemaker - fanning - quick draw - aiming shot and I keep redemption to avoid something or move quickly if necessary. xD
Your last question … I really don’t know. I played SR a long time ago and after that I had sheriff - bullet marker - corsair. Nowadays I have no clue how is the skill’s rotation. I am sorry for that :frowning:

With the latest update, Corsair is better than Sheriff for SR+ Enchant AA setup.
On top of Brutality which gives identical boost to Sheriff’s, Quick and Dead now adds 20% more damage on pistol attack for 10 sec per overheat.
Sheriff’s bonus crit rate is 99% useless for Enchant Scout which already can easily crit everything 60%.
Sheriff bonus dm is not higher than brutality + QnD buff.

Furthermore , QnD and Hexen Dagger are definitely worth adding in the damage rotation.
The decrease in cast time is a huge qol for both skills, on top of boosted damage and higher aoe.

Not to mention you get Jolly Roger with Enchanter for more team buff too.

Corsair > Sheriff for SR in my opinion.

PS: I also find Sheriff skills not worth casting at all in the rotation. Most of them takes too long or modifier too low especially the AOE aspect of it. ( (It’s even worse than Marching Fire. If the skill dps can’t even beat Marching Fire, don’t bother add in rotation)
Peacemaker is good for bossing I guess.

Wrong. You already have a saturated DMG% anyway as an AA SR. CDMG will always be superior.

Damage%  100%                         Crit Damage        100%
St Oath  400%                         Base                50%
Legenda  100%                         SR Special Maneuver 50% 
Balinta   75%
Red Card  30%
Seal      15%
Enchants  30% Average
=============                         =======================
Total    750%                         Total              200%

Base    750% * (100 + (100% * 0.6)) = 1200.0%
Sheriff 770% * (100 + (140% * 0.6)) = 1416.8%
Corsair 822% * (100 + (100% * 0.6)) = 1315.2%

Ofcourse this is just a rough calculation and absolutely not accurate to specific scenarios like non 100% uptime buff, time taken for skill casts that reduced Limacon output time, etc. However, my point is you should evaluate yourself which suits your playstyle and gears better. As we also have variance such as VVR Coord vs Glacia Sword and whether if you have St Oath or not, or rather is your focus is on Limacon, etc.

Wrong. You need 9.3k crit for Tel Harsha and 11k crit for plant weeks wbr/jointraid. That is impossible to reach comfortably unless you have luciferi pyktis or a wastrel sword.

But indeed, corsair will be a more compelling option than before. On par with linker perhaps?

You conveniently left out the QnD buff 20% damage and the dps rotation of Corsair.

Also since crit rate is always cap at 60%, the % damage should be lower and the difference should be smaller base on your calculation.

Also I have a question about St Oath set.
Is it a flat 400% base damage that can be completely multiplied by both limacon and lightning hand or is it like SR vvr which only at % on top of limacon?
(1100% + 400%) + 900% = 2400% vs (1100%*4) +(900%x4) = 8000%

If it’s latter, than SR vvr need a buff and saint oasis need a nerf…
Why a measly fixed ichor quadruple damage while vvr only gives like 20% dps boost?
(And then we have mergen vvr which makes Arrow Sprinkle does 3 times more damage and half its cooldown = 6 times damage total)

i suppose QnD wont affect limacon damage and the calculation i made above is totally focused on limacon strictly. To calculate the whole class’s contribution is a littlebit complex to do it on paper.

(Basic(100%) + Limacon(1100%) + RenovateTrigger(200%) + SwiftArk(160%)) 
(Damage%(100%) + StOath(400%) + LegendaBonus(100%) + Balinta (75%) + RedCards(30%) + Enchants(30%))
(CriticalDamage%(150%) + SpecialManeuver(50%))

However, lhands is not affected by St Oath. Indeed Renovate Trigger as a VVR is kinda pathetic, but the speed increase made it up to more like a 40% output increase. Indeed no where near x6 times you get from broken tier stuff.


Wanted to check back on this thread to see if the build was still current? Is Corsair > Sheriff for an AA SR build?

Top WBR scout is not using corsair but Sherrif/assasin/enchanter,