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SR Limacon question


Following a build it shows to max limacon. From reading the effects, if I understand correctly, the damage increase applies only to basic attacks?

Was wondering if it affects retreat/march, because otherwise, it’d seem better to max evasive action.

Thanks for answers.

Yes, only basic pistol attacks are enhanced. You also gain free movement while performing them, similar to archer’s Swift Step.

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Seems rather a waste to level it more than 1, think i’ll just reset skills and level evasive action instead.

If you farm as SR, you’re likely to use your basic sub-weapon attack a lot, with good gear you can easily just run around holding auto-attack than to keep casting skills and having to position yourself accordingly. With its special attribute, Limacon gets a ricochet effect that hits adjacent enemies, increasing effectiveness.

Since you mentioned you’re following a build, I assume you are new to SR. Limacon is important because you can also use it alongside Retreat Shot. Most players that I helped in-game didn’t realize that or never knew how Limacon worked to begin with. With Limacon active, you cast Retreat Shot and then hold the sub-weapon attack (Default is C), doubling your damage as long as you have a target to shoot while Retreat Shot is automatically shooting as well. You can compare this combo versus Marching Fire against bosses and see for yourself.

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20% Evasion is meh. It doesn’t give you 20% chance to evade. It provides +20% of your Evasion stat which is quite low if you are not investing on Evasion stat with your gears.

Also if you take Evasive Action Arts, it’s down to 10%

Better take Evasive Action Lv1 then take Arts.

Limacon basic attack can be used together with Retreat Shot by locking the target and running to a wall.


Thanks for info.

Keeping Limacon then xD.

Get the facts correct, Evasive Action does got gives Evasion Rate. It gives 20% Minimum Evasion Chance. A similar concept with Marnox card.

I don’t think you understood,the person said it add 20% of your current evasion like for example if your evasion is 309 (Evasion) it would add 20% of that value.

The person is also saying that you aren’t going to evade 20 % (evasion rate) of the time.