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SR as DPS class: How is it?

Little history:
I rolled out an SR-Ench-Cors as my first character in the season server. Getting on 420 maps, i got clapped so I changed to BM-sheriff-linker. Then I still got clapped. Thats because i dont know/care about gears that time and Im just using may Identified savinose gear without a single ichor.

But now i got a little better gear - free armor and weapon varna+savi 3-4 lines with green stats(berthas only on Varna tho, still working with primus)
Full ignas leather ichor since i got level 3 ignas card
Wastrel weapons ichor.
(not the best gears but somewhat decent specially here in season server)

I really love SR and I plan to change back, specially now that im few days away on getting that cute lesser panda.

Is it worth it with my current gears(will get asio pistol if i did change)?
How is the damage? will it be good/enough for endgame content?
Will i go the same SR-ench-cors and play it passively? or change cors to other class?

PS: i watched several SR videos stomping everything, but all of them are heavily geared so Im not sure about the damage output with my current gears

Idk, there are better choices than SR for every content, for CM caster mages, for raids Burst ataka classes, for pvp dagger scouts, dark mages, lancers etc. SR is good at field farming and that’s it.

It takes a massive amount of over gearing to do the current content, that being said to me its worth it b/c as an older gamer with pretty beat up hands I love the easy to play style.

I usually place in the scout top 10 weekly in bernice on SR, I am the only SR in the sea of shinobis on there. I do fine on the WBR but nothing spectacular b/c I just get my rewards and move on.

I have 2 VVs, I pair the renovate trigger with the echo sword. I use 3 red add dmg cards for another 1200 add dmg and I have 230-260 add dmg on each weapon awakening and 180+ add dmg on each hair accessory.

I stack the max amount of STR and DEX to further increase my enchanter additional damage buffs, I have full perfect magnified Str/Dex/Con/Crit ichors and full Courage ichors. I use 3 green Rashua cards for another 120 Str, I have a German Shepard for more pistol damage and a near max level Boruta Pokemon card for more.

You see where im going with this, its not a flex, like omg im so buff, its just to show you the insane investment it would take to run content like other classes effectively. SR CAN be OP, but its a small fortune to get it there.

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SR’s mission end when you hit 420.

SR wont be useful for end game content unless you have vvr pistol. It definitely need to be overgeared to be powerful enough for end game content. Otherwise you might as well choose other classes. You can always check in-game ranking for WBR and Other-Dimension as reference.