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Squire: Shared Food Table

Can you share the Food making table with other players? at least with the same account? Like we can cook other peoples food table by bringing the ingredients … also add a food calculator? so we can buy the right amount of ingredients. Another thing is the camp duration … wish you can make it by days not a few hours …

Also, scout doesn’t have empty spell book material so need to go to the other class npc to buy it …


  • Food table that other can access ( by cooking with required ingredients )
  • Food Calculator is greatly appreciated if implemented …
  • Camp Duration by hours
  • Empty Spell book for Enchanter not included in Scout NPC store

Huh I don’t get it… Your food table is automatically shared with all your characters and party members when you play in a party. When you install your food table, you have 2 checkboxes: one “share with all guild members” and one “share with everyone on the server”.

Do you mean “make cooking accessible to others so they can cook for you”?

Yeah, like we can cook our own food whenever we see a squire table XDD I mean it pops out if its on the same account ( I have excess food from a previous squire class that I want to use/dispose ugh ) …

Bro there is an add-on for the ingredients. You set up how many sets, then in NPC you just simply click a button and it buys all needed ingredients for X amount of sets

Camp chef iirc is the addon

oh theres one? i have most 5 addons … XDDD

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