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Sprinkle hp/mp potion don't heal the caster (when summoner pets are close)

Date and Time: since last summoner patch? (I’m not sure since I was on break for 1 month+, everything was fine after reBuild launch)
Server Name: Fediman

Bug Description :
Sprinkle hp/mp potion don’t heal the caster, seems that it is related to summons because in town and without them I didn’t had any problem so far, even when summons are some at some distance most of the time the animation work as normal but no caster mp/hp is recovered (about 3/4 of times) making it useless (and summons don’t need mp anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’s easy to reproduce. There was not such problem after reBuild so I guess it’s something recent?

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So I did little more tests today and it seems that the problem start when there is 5 or more summons near (sorc boss summon don’t count for some reason).

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I think Dark Theurge spirits also eat up your Sprinkle HP.

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Wtf IMC, after last week maintenance everything went back to normal, was pleasure to play again.
After this week one, bug is back… are you hate alchemists that much? :frowning:

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It also applies to Diev statues.

Apparently Sprinkle Potion will affect a maximum of 5 targets beginning with summons (at least for the necromancer’s skeletons), then the caster and the the rest of the party members. At 5+ summons it will only affect the summons.

Is this intended to be fixed?

is clear that heals and buffs need a better priority system…

It seems like this issue was fixed in yesterday’s patch

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Indeed it was, at least for now. :slight_smile:

[edit] Nvm, seems fine.

I always play with one other party member and so far I haven’t had any issues with this. The party member needs to be close to the caster in order to get the effects of the heal/sp. I haven’t tried in a full party yet though. I will update this ass soon as I do.

does your partner has summons?_?

No, just companions.

I have also tested in on full parties and it seems to be working fine.